Steve Quayle and Tom Horn are two investigative researchers who have been working independent of one another for years. Decades, actually. They have been on parallel paths as they investigated…



  1. Tom Horn and pals. saw a fantastic cash making opportunity..I suppose it was 2012 when I first tuned into his fascinating lectures..almost swallowing his whole pile of crap..I followed his stuff rigorously.. until I noticed all the books he started producing!
    he promised AND FORECASTED a myriad of space events and even dated them..pope stuff..Mount Graham and the Indians stuff..Lucifer telescope stuff.. but alas its all just another item in the world of…..SCAM STUFF!
    He must be Loaded by now with tons and tons and piles of cash..and all thanks to your library collection. did you fall for it?
    wake up!

  2. lam1
    hit (someone) hard.
    "I'll come over and lam you in the mouth in a minute"
    "they surged up and down in their riot gear, lamming into anyone in their path"

  3. Peace and Grace of Yahushua to all!
    HIS Apostles of this time are truly working tirelessly…I never had earthly brothers, and wanted them so much… so, I made Yahushua my brother from a very young age, and the LORD has shown me I have brothers IN HIM on this earth, Thank God!
    Rare diamond indeed, to see 'real men' IN/OF our LORD…with faith in HIS POWER- His Will be Done on earth as it is in Heaven– With His fortitude, strength and endurance within them, who care not what people think over what our Almighty Father thinks, concerned more with offending our Father in Heaven than having sympathy for the devil, being about the LORDS Cause and stay focused on THAT
    Has not been duped by the luciferian lies and duplicity, for one in the twisted form/meaning of so many words/names that have helped in all the insanity now meaning/living exactly opposite of it, in truth ,including… 'acceptance' 'judging' 'negative'
    'gay', whats 'cool' or 'hot'??? many words/ names have been turned completely upside down of the true meaning and now lived in the same upside down way opposite of God and HIS TRUTH in Word and meaning/definition.

    I just started listening more and more to you all recently among a couple others about all of the manifestations happening by the hour/min…you all have confirmed so much, you cover it all! In the hand full of vids I listened to of Steve and Tom, they have covered essentially all the main principals of the battle, revealing so much of the workings of evil and its ways. I have gone through my own experiences, the LORD has allowed me to see very literal/real spiritual battles, the workings/manifestations of God and HIS Angels & the fallen ones/demons…He has shown me so much of how they/it all works, you all have confirmed so much, and there are no coincidences.
    You guys are RIGHT ON! all those who wish to know what is going on with this insane world, the root of the problem[s], and who are with our LORD and aware of HIS BEING; aware of spiritual things and have HIS EYES & EARS will be guided to you guys if need be IN HIS WILL for this time.

    All the brothers In Christ out there, Thanks & Glory be to God for your faith,courage and fortitude IN HIM. I love all you brothers of John the Baptist sounding off and getting what John did…those trying to shut up/shut down that SPIRIT/VOICE CALLING OUT! Truly, Great and Terrible is the spiritual battle…Nothing is new… HIS WORD LIVES and IS LIVING!
    Our spirit is content in faith of knowing HIS Will Be Done on earth as it is in Heaven
    RUN to our Lord and Savior Yahushua/Yeshua/Jesus Christ with everything, all your thoughts and questions
    FOCUS ON GOD; be aware of His and our adversary

    **Never lose the reality in imaginations of Being with our Loving Almighty Father I AM, running to HIM as your dad, sitting with HIM in the Supreme Sanctuary of His Kingdom as His child wrapped IN HIS LOVE**

  4. How Long Will You Beat the Church Up?

    No disrespect, I like and support both Steve Quayle and Tom Horn and I really wish that they would slow down on saying negative things about the church as if they are excluded from the church. We are all human, I believe that you do read these messages coming from the audience Joe and I would hope that your guest reads them also.

    On You Tube – (Titled – " Tom Horn: Abandon Ascending" (stream line number 17:36,) I heard Tom Horn say that since Donald Trump came into office that we have been given a grace period which I agree, being a black man and am thrilled that the democrats are OUT, but then he said "the Church probably doesn't realize the opportunity that they have been given or how bad things could have been if they had gone a different way,"

    well if that be the case then maybe the Church doesn't realize this as you say because they are focusing their attention on seeking God and telling people about Christ. If the church focuses on political things then you will probably say they have now taken their focus off Christ and put the focus on elections, give me a break! I think the church is not perfect yet, until Jesus fix that problem but Tom Horn and Steve Quayle are not perfect either. Start speaking good about your spiritual family instead of always putting them down like Steve Quayle or talking about the church like they are kinder gardens, man give the church the benefit of the doubt sometimes, Christ did.

  5. people are truly brainwashed ,, and under control,,   I wish I could speak of a dream I had when I was very young ,,, I am now 66 yrs old ,,, and I am extremely scared and sadden to see the world throwing themselves at anything except God the Father , who is Love , and Jesus who sacrificed His life for us ,, He's blood is so sacred ,, and Holy ,, the blood of a God , the Son of God ,,

  6. look at orion nebula and you will see a war going on with angels and demons and spectators watching the center. hubble images. at bottom is whirlpool of fire with faces screaming in extreme torment and one of the things falling into the fire is an alien grey. in center of orion nebula is four lions side by side rushing at death with face showing and he is hooded and very hideous. look at soho images of our sun and you will see many faces churning up out of the fire

  7. wtf? ??? this guy is lying his butt off on Muslims eating human flesh!!!!! we know you hate Muslims but claiming that they eat human flesh, the flesh of Christians! !! that is criminal, I don't care how "Christian" he claims to be but he gives the followers of Jesus a really bad name. Islam is the ONLY religion that actually acknowledges Jesus and respects him yet it is being demonized on daily basis by radical Christians. He should be careful because God is watching and he punishes those who lie and make up such disgusting stories.


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