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  1. PLEASE either lower your intro music or increase the interview volume. I turn the video on and get blasted by the intro, then I can't hear a word of the interview. If you don't, there is no point in me watching your videos anymore. I watch them for the information, not the intro music.

  2. Hi LA!
    Please check out "Felsenmeer" in Germany.
    It's a boulder field with marks and traces of ancient stone cutting.
    And they look exactly the same as the ones you showed from your journeys to South America.
    Again, the stones are way too big to be hauled by men, and the precision of the tools that were used must have been very high. A guy called Vlad9vt has a YT channel and recently made a video about it.
    There's a huge column, a giant stairs, left over pieces of rock that were cut, etc.

  3. LA,read lyrics to Bye Bye American Pie with the understanding the widowed bride are then rapture do.The day the music died.Everytme music appeared sub with church age.The quartet in the park are the four horsemen .Singing Dirgers in the dark?Dirgers is funeral songs.Pie is about last day of the church age.Amen.


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