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  1. I just did a shoutout. I’m way out west in Washington state, right on the coast. I want to go to the conference coming up in 2018. I could not go to the last one. Steve Quayle, I have shared his work and so respect him, and all my brothers who put their lives on the line to bring us the truth. As someone who’s family has fallen by the works of the evil that is, my heart cries. I need to go this time, to look at my brothers and sisters in the eye, and thank them. God bless you brother Steve, and all my brothers and sisters, God keep you safe. I’m hoping I will see you in September.

  2. It's wonderful to see believers who are awake and aware! God bless the Hagmann's, without whom I might never have heard of these great men of God. How blessed we are to hear them speaking truth about things which have been hidden from us.

  3. hi Mr Qauyle my name is Carl Alexander for years I've been studying a biblical code i call the cicada code involving locust pharoh and the number 7 i would really like to send you my research

  4. Brother Stephen I appreciate everything that you do this message is not for you it's for your manager that recently called my mother up screaming at her to the tops of his lungs said he was going to press charges against her all over get this Steven because she asked about your well-being and if you was okay cuz she was concerned now your manager is my mother an apology today was my birthday and it has absolutely ruined because of this I have I know that you have nothing to do with it and for that I'm sorry this is even being written out but that man needs to be dealt with because if he talk to my mother like that God only knows what else he's doing he owes my mother apology ASAP all over her asking how you was that is it and said he was going to press charges against her now that is not Christian like just acquiring about someone safety because she was worried about you now my question is why is he over your Facebook YouTube and what-have-you you need to check him out for real and again thank you for ruining my birthday much appreciated and quite frankly little dude you have no idea no one talks to my mother like that I would go to the Gates of Hell itself for my mother she's very sick and those lights of you screaming her I tell you what shows what kind of scumbag you truly are now if you want to message me and man up and tell me come on cuz you are not a Christian and quite frankly Steve Quayle needs to know about you my friend because you are a wolf in sheep's clothing imposter!!!!!!!!👌💯


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