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  1. Trump Will Disclose…… hahahahahahahaha
    Yeah and just like Obama before him, Obama was going to disclose according to Greer.
    After Trump's presidency is over and a new president is elected, Greer will say that, that president will disclose.
    Of course disclosure is not gonna happen.
    Dicktor Steven Queer is a sad delusional old man.

  2. 1 hour ago
    Daniel 12:1-2 GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

    12 The person who looked like a human continued, “At that time Michael, the great commander, will stand up on behalf of the descendants of your people. It will be a time of trouble unlike any that has existed from the time there have been nations until that time. But at that time your people, everyone written in the book, will be rescued. 2 Many sleeping in the ground will wake up. Some will wake up to live forever, but others will wake up to be ashamed and disgraced forever.

    GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)
    Copyright © 1995 by God's Word to the Nations. Used by permission of Baker Publishing Group

  3. Please show us any real evidence that we can feel, see or believe! All you have been telling or explaining have nothing to proof of what you are trying to help us to understand! Show us!

  4. Trump knows, don't think for a minute this guy doesn't know it all. I don't even need to listen to what your going to say…yes, They are working towards destroying America, yes ..They got their big fat communist heads chopped off when Trump won the election, he is not one of them ! They are desperate, they will do Anything to scare America into war…war..war…! So, stay awake…!

  5. Why is anyone listening to Steven Greer… Every year , year after year he says the president is about to disclose the truth about was like 5 yrs ago it was supposed to be the President of France.. This guy is so full of shit… Nothing this guy has said has ever come true…why do people still listen…trump isn't going to announce anything about aliens…stay out of the ER Dr Greer and seek psychological help…

  6. I suspect their are malevolent et’s Dr. Greer. Duality exists in all things, et’s are no exception. Their are also inter dimensional entities of a negative polarity, some of which use the human body as a sort of “host.” I agree with much of what you say so it pains me to write this as I would never want to diminish your message. The battle between light and dark, knowledge and ignorance, good and evil, is not exclusive to humanity unfortunately. Things would be much easier if cooperation not confrontation was the song of the universe, but much of the universe is chaotic thus producing problematic life forms of varying intelligence. The silver lining is we get to have a greater appreciation for love and beauty because it shines through the darkness and brings calmness to the chaos. Would we appreciate the light if we never were without it? The deceptive intelligence both human and alien will eventually be pulled into the light and our whole population will know where we’re going because we’ll finally know where we’ve been.😊👽

  7. Finally someone speak the truth….i been telling UFO is manmade for years. Nobody believe it and the fact is human been dumbed down so much, they believe mankind unable to build these junks UFO

  8. It'll be VERY hard for our planet to reach a "level 1" when, thanks to fukushima, we are at an extinction level event. People and the media have seem to have forgotten about this, but we're screwed!!

  9. no US government official will ever disclose anything about aliens …they know if they did they would be dead before they could make it to the podium….the cabal will never give up their power / control of the technology or the wealth it brings

  10. Dr Greer im a firm believer in what you say, but how in the world does a man who knew about 911 before it was staged and who has his family threatened only tell you or why did he tell u. And why would u put yourself out there to those who said they would kill this man. I genuinely would like to know how you are able to do this and still sleep at night fearing for yourself and your family

  11. I did some research about the past and I discovered that there were other beings that existed on planet Earth alongside humans. Who can look like you and I . What's to say those aren't government entities throughout the world that are perpetrating this dilution on mankind.


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