Subway’s new Signature Wraps have us intrigued. So give us one with steak. And cheese. And spice. Please, thanks. MUSIC:…



  1. luv u guys <3

    don't mean to shamelessly plug but i hear you got sweet taste in musics 🙂
    should check my channel for copyright free and free downloadable chunes

  2. Great video guy's👌 That looks yummy af. I am not a Subway girl at all. That looked good though. People are so kind to you 2. You 2 are so worth it though. The video's are just great. The time and effort you guy's put in this channel is incredible. Much luv to you guy's💜 Can't wait for the next one.

  3. Hey guys I really hate to hijack this video with a different comment but while surfing YouTube I found 2 place in chi. town that have Coney sauce hot dogs and here are the videos and I don't know if you have seen them they do look pretty  good I thought you check them out

  4. Watching that Happy Gilmore clip reminded me how they used to cut their bread, kind of making a bread canoe and filling it with the meat and veggies then topping it off with the top of the canoe.

  5. Hey Sean way to be a baller in that Jeep Rubicon. The wraps looked good,just not a subway fan. Going to give this vid a 3. Hey fellas please get the 5xl shirts available and i will buy one of each Thanks. Love Peace and Chicken Grease !!!!!!!

  6. Mr review of Drake's "God's plan":

    This is bad; this is really bad. Autotune almost always makes someone sound horrible. It sounds like he's a fucking robot for God's sakes. He's also slurring, which is incredibly stupid when you consider that it's a song! I'm supposed to be able to understand what he's saying, right?


    Go listen to Maurice Ravel instead


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