This is my video for Sufjan Stevens song “Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” (the first track on his wonderful “Come On! Feel The Illinoise!” album). The video is primarily…



  1. I keep coming back to this amazing video. Got a DVD of "Nadja" (1994) from Netflix today. Modern day vampire movie in which the vampire POV shots are in Pixelvision. Wish I had one of those Fisher-Price oddities. The epitome of "haunting."

  2. The earth crumbling before my eyes,
    thundering under my feet
    I hear no more, I see no more
    She holds my hand, my soul, the wind
    She lifts me from this chaos
    A world I had once glimpsed in my dreams

  3. Sufjan has totally dropped off my radar after his last album, which wasn't my cup of tea at all and left me quite disappointed. I hope he decides to revisit this type of music again.

  4. I showed this song to my class in middle school for a book report; when it started playing alot of other kids were laughing at the lyrics I love it but I was so embarrassed they were laughing I went and cut the song off short.The class ended shortly after and I was just about ready to hit myself. Then this one boy came over once everyone left and asked 'Hey, what's this song called again? I really liked it' I swear I could have hugged him. Now we exchange new music and its just fantastic 🙂


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