Nice funk track from the arkestra.



  1. Go to settings on the video and select zero point two five to adjust for Jupiter's pulse and you'll hear the original interpretation. The only other method involves a near lethal dose of codeine. It drives the whales crazy.

  2. Sun Ra…Barney Hill. The Arkestra was in the area Betty & Barney Hill were abducted in 1961. NO KIDDING. Ra understands the real knowledge was covered up. His music screams WAKE UP DOWN THERE!…I've never heard this particular track before, thank yu for sharing!

  3. @mcjkilla Either way, this came out sometime '77-78. Ra had already been talking about pyramids for pretty much his whole life before Dr. Funkenstein said the Funk was hidden in them. Also, this is (maybe) the only "hard-funk" song in the Sun Ra catalogue (@quantafunk). So, defying expected cause /effect patterns, the influencer becomes the influenced.


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