Genesi segreta – Le origini nascoste dell’umanità

Genesi segreta – versione completa – – – – – – – – – – – Genesi segreta è un documentario in formato ‘ libro digitale’ che narra come molti altri, in un ora di tempo la teoria della paleo Astronautica del mistero della creazione della razza umana, cercando di riassumere tutto nel più breve […]

Tom Horn : Transhumanism Cybernetics Nephilim Giants Genetically Modified Humans (Mar 23, 2014)

Source:… The Hagmann and Hagmann Report: Investigative Reports Tom Horn: Steve Quayle: News Articles: Researchers build DNA neural network that thinks RFID Chips And Soul Catcher 2025 FDA issues rules for genetically modified animals The Science and Politics of Genetically Modified Humans The End of […]

Was a Nephilim Just Spotted in Arizona?!

Arizona is a hot spot for UFO’s and the supernatural! So could this be a NEPHILIM be walking the streets of Arizona? YES! New YouTube channel: Bitter TEA Studios (webcomic: TEA The Ered Adventures) Bible Study from the comfort of your own home. Join us! Website: htttp:// Twitter: @glopforlife Facebook: […]

NEPHILIM GIANTS Found in America!

Nephilim are here in America! Nephilim giants as tall as 11 feet have been found, and the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about it! To watch the full episode, click here:

Curtis Young & Jak Aggas – The Nephilim (Extended Mix)

Download/Stream: Making their debut on FSOE’s Clandestine imprint, Curtis Young & Jak team up for some high-octane trance madness. A peak time tech-trance belter, ‘The Nephilim’ will have dancefloors around the world trembling. This is what FSOE Clandestine is all about!