NEPHILIM: USA Giants With 2-Rowed Teeth, Flattened Heads & 6 Fingers. ANUNNAKI.

Giants With Double-Rowed Teeth, Flattened Heads and Six Fingers. These types of ancient giant beings were found in Italy, Greece, middle east, everywhere around the world. And even in America. ~~ See VIDEO:The Great Smithsonian Cover Up of Giant Skeletons ~~ Links: 1) 2) 3) Thumbnail image – Giant Skull 4) Music […]

Underground City of Nephilim Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon – Ancient America.

Ancient Underground City of 6-fingered Nephilim Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon. ~~ Links: 1) 2) Thumbnail image – Wikimedia commons images – Grand Canyon Giants Cave, Giants’ Crypt 3) Music – Youtube Audio Library “Ambient Ambulance”

Nephilim: TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim

Nephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil, the Nephilim. NEPHILIM (FULL) DOCUMENTARY – Journey into the world of Fallen Angels, Satan, Shadow People, Aliens, Demons, Anunnaki, Archons, Ancient Giants, “Ancient Aliens” & Genetic Hybrids. Nephilim (NEW) : A TRUE Journey into the Dark Dimensions. For Nephilim 2 disc DVD The Two Disc Nephilim Collector’s Set […]