Genesis 5 & 6: The Nephilim … Noah & the Ark

Today, we continue our study of Bereshith (Genesis) with chapters five and six … where we look at the Nephilim as well as Noah and the Ark. The entire Playlist of Bereshith (Genesis) is here: Get copies of the extra-biblical books, like Yashar (Jasher), here: Watch Alan’s video about the Benai Elohim: […]

Nephilim: Satan’s Genetic Seed

This sermon from Pastor Dean Odle & Fire & Grace Church is from February 5, 2017. It is an in-depth look at part of our history that has been covered up and hidden in a closed vault in the Smithsonian. However, the evidence and historical record shows that there was a race of giant hybrid […]

Nefilins, Anjos Caídos, História de Enoque e os Anunakis #1 #CasosUFOlogicos (fallen angels)

SEJA NOSSO APOIADOR APOIA-SE ou via pagseguro: PAG SEGURO Ao longo da história especula-se sobre a presença de EXTRATERRESTRES NA BIBLIA. Desse modo, trazemos algumas visões sobre esses seres. NEFILINS seriam filhos dos ANJOS CAIDOS ou seres ALIENIGENAS? O LIVRO DE ENOQUE traz essa abordagem. Trazemos algumas visões sobre a história dos Fallen, […]

Mysterious skull: Nephilim?

According to the book of Genesis, these creatures (Nephilim) were present before & after the Global Flood. Nephilim means “Fallen Ones” which are the product of Fallen Angels (Dimensional Entities) and man. Nephilim can be giants, or an array of other (sometimes even Monstrous) humanoid beings. Nephilim are literally creatures genetically made from man. Every […]