Mithra God Temple, Saudi-Israeli Alliance, Space Rods, Brain Microchips

London unveils ancient temple to the pagan god Mithra; Saudi Arabia and Israel broker secret peace deal with President Trump; the connection between Nephilim ruins near Medina and mysterious space rods seen over volcanoes; brain microchips used to fabricate reality. TruNews IS NOW ON TV – WWW.TRUNEWS.COM SUPPORT TRUNEWS: TruNews on Facebook: […]

Jim Staley – Giants, Nephilim and the sons of God

Jim Stanley teaches about Giants and the fallen Angels. He also tells us about the time of Noah and the connection to future events. What’sThisVideo (WTV) The Sons of God, The Daughters of Men and The Nephilim The context of Genesis 6:4 is the unwanted marriages between the . Jim Staley claims that the evil […]

Genesis 5 & 6: The Nephilim … Noah & the Ark

Today, we continue our study of Bereshith (Genesis) with chapters five and six … where we look at the Nephilim as well as Noah and the Ark. The entire Playlist of Bereshith (Genesis) is here: Get copies of the extra-biblical books, like Yashar (Jasher), here: Watch Alan’s video about the Benai Elohim: […]


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