THE NEPHILIM Full Documentary

Mirrored from Allen Austin: Nephilim were offspring of the sons of God and the daughters of men before the Deluge . Great video on the Giants of old. Nephilim, Rephaim, Anakim, Annunaki and the like given an in depth look with much commentary and visuals. Nephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil, the Nephilim. NEPHILIM (FULL) DOCUMENTARY […]

Chronicles of the Nephilim: 1. Seed of Serpent Vs. Seed of Eve

Film clip from full lecture, Chronicles of the Nephilim: The Ancient Story Brian Godawa describes the storyline in the Bible of the Divine Council of Watchers, the Nephilim giants, and the Biblical cosmic War of the Seed. This was the basis for his best-selling novel series Chronicles of the Nephilim. CHRONICLES OF THE NEPHILIM: THE […]

Auf der Jagd nach den Nephilim: Von Ancient Aliens, Riesen, Anunnaki & Göttersöhnen (Vortrag 2015)

„Auf der Jagd nach den Nephilim“. Ein Vortrag von mir vom Sommer 2015 in Erfurt auf den Spuren der Astronauten aus dem All und ihrer angeblichen Kinder mit den Menschen. Ein überaus komplexes Thema zu gefallenen Engeln, Riesen/Titanen, Göttersöhnen, Anunnaki, Ancient Aliens, Mischwesen und mehr, das ich in meinem aktuellen Buch „Rebellion der Astronautenwächter“ detailliert […]

Esau was Black & Nephilim are White, Mixed Races

A lot of these Hebrew Israelite groups are saying that Esau is the white man. He is not. He is Jacob’s TWIN brother. They are the same race. Both are black. The white race is represented by the nephilim. Genesis 6:4 NASB The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when […]

URILIA ‘ I AM NEPHILIM ‘ Official Lyric Video

I AM NEPHILIM featured on the upcoming EP, ‘ The Adversarial Light ‘. Album release date: 08/11/15 I am Nephilim (Verse 1:) Exoskeleton washed within the abyss of immortality. Cleansing all weaknesses from failures of a misguided light. Those that beg are for those that suffer. For those that fail are the ones that surrender. […]