Nephilim (Giants) in the Bible: Is Yahuwah a Genocidal Maniac or a Loving Creator? – Genocidal Maniac or Loving Creator? Exploring the Nephilim Controversy! A More In-Depth Study of the Nephilim: “Sons of Seth” Theory Debunked: Other Objections Debunked: More on the Giants/Nephilim: • Why did Father Yahuwah command Israel to destroy the Canaanite nations? • Where did the giants of antiquity come from? […]

Nephilim Giants Are On The Earth

Is this area in the Patagonian mountains home to a civilization of Giants? Are they the Nephilim? Coordinates – 54° 50′ 33.52″ S 69° 21′ 49.12″ W

Nephilim Here Again In Last Days As Bible Prophecy Says

I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GET THIS ADVERTISEMENT OFF HERE CAN ANYONE HELP ME ONN THIS ISSUE ?? As Holy Bible indicates the Nephilim fallen angel sons of God were here before and after Noah’s flood and will be here doing their same satanic work in these last days that we are living in […]