Enhanced STILL IMAGE of the craft for reference: http://imgur.com/FZf5OHz Chicago UFO video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT0Xy7671qs TR3B Knoxville video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6TH2…



  1. who remembers learning about thanksgiving? in school, i was taught it was a joyous occasion with food and sharing…..we now know it was chemical warfare with smallpox covered blankets and genocide.

  2. its all a matter of perception. anyone thats reading this, let me ask you…….did you know blue tigers exist? they do!!! maltese tiger. now look at it like this, youve gone you're entire life knowing tigers weren't blue, until now…..

  3. This is amazing. Like you say, those who deny what is happening are simply too scared to face the truth. I also believe if these visitors (or some of these visitors) were a threat to the human race or this planet we would know about it already. Keep up the good work, Tyler.

  4. What about thermal vision camers? There must be a heat source. If i would be him and would have a flare gun i would show them that i can see them with shooting that flare gun right at them.

  5. I live in TN (in the sticks) and I’ve been saying for the last year that it sounds like there’s construction going on in the sky. It used to be very quiet and peaceful, there’s only a few houses around me and very little traffic. I can’t remember the last time it was quiet in the sky here, it seems non stop, like this guy said, it sounds like machinery.

  6. I saw the same type of UFO in Illinios back in 2003, it was massive and the same type of weather. It seemed to be cloaked also, only half of it would show and the other half was just not there. Then the other half would show and the half that was showing would become cloaked. There were periods when the whole thing would disappear. You can see the exact one I saw if you search "UFO" in Illinios. The one the cop was following is the same UFO, I saw. I was passing back through 3 days later and it was still setting in the exact same spot. There's nothing we have that can do that.

  7. I believe! I have been aware of these crafts since about 2002, they operate at a high level of speed and vibration it is hard to detect. These have something to do with the missing 411, David Paulides cases.

  8. It's probably the giant invisible or transparent creatures that live in the atmosphere. There was research going on about it some time ago. But it never culminated. I can't even find anything about it now.

  9. I see this all the time. almost daily. I have pictures that I have taken on several different occasions and you can see this . it's massive. it's enough to give you chills at times.

  10. can u send me your email I would like to share with u some great pictures. I keep seeing this, sorta pattern in the sky. I have pictures from many different days showing this same crazy sky.

  11. A couple of nights ago, I was staring up into the night sky about 10 p.m. There were clouds spread out but it was night time. I saw a black or dark object shaped like a huge arrow facing to the left, as large as the clouds like a huge aircraft, and the object moved across the clouded sky, but slowly and shadowy enough that it didn't displace the clouds too much. There wasn't time to catch a cell phone of it; it was about 10 seconds of it. There was no sound that I could detect. I couldn't see it beyond my building as it passed by. It just seemed a little too obvious not to be a something, no lights.

  12. When i was 16 I drew up specs on making an invisibility cloak, for aircraft or tanks or whatever, by using a bunch of tiny camera's, 12 to 24" apart, then broadcasting the images on the 90 degree opposite, of said camera. Now this wasn't possible back then, but today with Gopro size cameras and flat screens going curved it is possible. Thank you Predator Dun da dun da da da—-"The jungle came alive and swallowed him". Da da da! da! da da daaaaa Oh yeah as far as digitally just like Supermans Mustache, now ya see it now, ya don't!

  13. So its one of Nasa’s afterall or the af1 owns it, lol you guys are looking so hard for these things that is why you see it everywhere its how the brain works Im not saying magic is not real because I know it is, but believeing this so badly could get you into the psych ward just saying lols


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