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  1. I think that early UFO abductions like these were and are the hidden shame of the United States's experiments with memory and mind control using substances like LSD. I think a helicopter came down and sprayed them with the chemical and their white garments along with the goggles made them seem alien to someone under the influence. That is my 2 cents. Great video!!

  2. by by. Beatty Barney. Aliens say bye bye 1 +1 = 2 theres 2 people with 2 letters 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + the 1 sum = 5 the 5 letter in abc is e. So message is bye bye humans 🤔

  3. This happened to them!
    This and the Travis Walton abduction are 2 of my most loved abduction stories to date! Look for the lost interviews with Betty Hill.
    Just amazing!!!

  4. I love fucking aliens, especially right when they get to Texas everyday we get more and more aliens coming across the border and damn it to hell they all have good pussy havent had a complaint yet about going ass to mouth but who can really hear complaints when they're speaking alien

  5. Out of curiosity, what is the track as background music on the first piece of evidence in this video? I've heard it a bunch of places but don't know haven't been able to figure out what it is.

  6. New Hampshire being one of the whitest states in America with only around 1% black people. I think they lied to pull attention away from their interracial relationship. My bet, they were shunned and abused and so they planned out a story that would draw attention to a fantastic event, instead of their relationship. Genius really…

  7. plot twist, it was the other way around.

    barney and betty abducted the aliens, took them to a bar to get wasted. while at the bar, they all got into a fight, dropped the aliens off at the same location they abducted them afterwards, woke up and decided to lie about it to avoid telling people that they got into a bar fight with aliens.

  8. Far as we know it could have been CIA operatives who put them under, experiment on them, and then let them go. From their point of view it could have been aliens. What explains this is the fact that none of the tools used was something not recognized on earth. These tools don't have to be far more advance just not recognized by us! If ancient stories are true about us not being the first ones here then we could have came from this race and gotten our own tools to advance throughout history from these same aliens!

  9. meh I'm skeptical as i don't really beleive in ailiens, however if i did i could see them having similar medical and reading tech as different cultures are going to be different in different areas of technological advancment

  10. "why would they have a book"….. Why would you assume you guys know whether or not aliens didn't collect all forms of knowledge. You assume because aliens are so advanced that shouldn't have anything in common with us, how do you know our concepts didn't come from them?. The times you guys do the conversation episodes are damaged by the ignorance you display. You need serious debaters on here.


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