Acre. The American Research Center in Egypt. ARCE’s website states as follows: “Among ARCE’s many great achievements is our relationship with the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the (SCA),,…



  1. Ive always had thought that some pyramids were made to encase ancient technology/UFOs so that they cannot be pulled out into the world to be used again. They would place it within as they built around so it would be impossible to retrieve

  2. Well. To know the truth about history it must be prophecies. Each prophecy reflects the needs of humanity within it's energy cycle. Mayans had one. Moses for the Egyptians, Jesus for the Christians, Allah for the Muslims, Buddha for the Buddhists and so on. Each realm of energy has the signs of God. Each realm of energy has it's downfalls. Great power succumbs to great prophecies. The only thing wrong with this picture is that the powers that be now, believe in the same energy consciousness. I can control the power of God and it's secrets. But it's secrets are in no time or pyramid. What is there is life and it's warning. The imbalance of power and it's misery creates a negative collective energy across our energy platform. If we do not send our positive energy towards our environment the powers of negative influence Wil shake the ground you stand on and make the ivory towers fall for the only meaning of life is Harmony. That's why they won't share it with us. It's against the desire to understand own a power that they can't jar. Cause our inner harmony, how we feel, how we influence is the source of unlimited power. E.g.. why are earthquakes and volcanoes and water unbalanced around the world. Not because of climate change. But because our planet can't survive without magnetism. We are it's source of magnetic energy. If you can grasp that than you understand the true meaning of energy. E=ME2

  3. The evedience cover up by alien conspiracy theorist is far greater than the conspiracy of leaders hiding the truth of aliens.
    Im refering to Jesus. Alien theorist cover up his exitance to promote there agenda.

  4. when I look at that blocking door, with those two copper metal thing attached. I can't help but think to apply an electrical charge at that point, possibly causing it to open on its own.

  5. You can not, in a video regarding Gantenbrinks door, fail to mention Christopher Dunn's work, the only person (an aerospace engineer), that scientifically "dissected" Khufu's pyramid in order to u understand its purpose , and was there, might be wrong on this, when Gantenbrik sent the robot into the shaft. Really, you need a more objective view, its a very important topic.

  6. true but there collecting data on hyksos/semites in the lower egypt and one day they will publucally connect the dots by fixing false chronology.
    its sad that politics and religion causes egypt to hold back truth.
    if a archeologist did it tjen they would kick them out to nevrr work egypt again.

  7. It is time we knew more about Egypt and stop these interpreters from lying to the public. It is a shame and disgrace to mislead fellow human beings. We all need to know the facts of history the factual way. The truth.

  8. I bet if we as in the world find someone wile a perfect voice and they shout old egyption enchantments up the shaft the blacks move they use vocal vibration all the time everyday maybe theres 3 tones of vocal perfection one for different size stones or general object and they used to use voce to move the stones in and out the way and one we fingur out how to use our voice properly we will know to do it there it opens and something happens maybe the sun makes a image something comes out i dunno but vibration vocals and accusics are very familiar with egyptions so it makes sense if they known everything and locked there knowladge away for the day they forget or we forget they would leave phycal practical means to use the knowladge they left

  9. The pyramids contained robotic DNA sequencers to reproduce alien species without having to transport them across light-years of space. They are not a crypt for the dead. They were an incubator for alien species placed there after the Younger Dryas event by robotic spaceships.

  10. When will the US help to correct, clean up and repair ALL the pyramids they have torn thru, excavated and ripped apart?
    Some think pyramids were/are tombs… If ancient Egyptians built the pyramids that have been torn up as tombs, they need to be reconstituted and/or repaired.
    When the time comes, the dead buried in the pyramids may find a horrible surprise: Nothing is still as it was when they were placed in the structures when they were "buried".
    Things need to be put back in place for when they might be needed.
    Now, nothing is in place!
    The contents of pharaoh burials need to be in place, as it was made when the pyramids were sealed up after the dead were entombed.
    Now, much of the damage was done by ancient Egyptians.
    But, a lot of pyramid tombs and their contents have been torn apart by modern man.
    And NOT by Egyptians!!!

  11. Zechariah Sitchin (12th planet/ Anunaki) found out that the Brit Mus, London had an intact skeleton with a few hairs, a lil skin adhering to the bones, of some Queen (Sumerian?) from Iraq. He politely asked them whether he could test the DNA to confirm whether she was 1/2 Anunaki as proved from some SUMERIAN clay tablets he deciphered. They refused. WE WONT TEST THE REMAINS AND NEITHER CAN YOU. "Grunt, huff, puff, humph, damn him, blast his eyes, the whippersnapper, his bloody cheek"!
    The Brit Meus neither has the resources nor are they willing to return the stolen artifacts to the host country!
    These grave robbers ruled over 1/4 th the globe at the peak of Empire, and havent forgotten their chutzpah!

  12. Alien? What? Like I’m not saying it isn’t. But nothing in this video suggested it was aliens. Just an unopened tomb or the cover up of the tomb. But nothing about aliens…

  13. AH HA, Lockheed does not want the World to know about the space craft and gravity drive craft in there, ah ha ha.
    The reason the pyramids are too light, when measured, is because the stones were liquified and cast, probably with a chemical and harmonic vibration thang.

  14. "Lockheed Martin" that's your biggest clue right there. There responsibilities go above and beyond "government". Their biggest contracts are governments. Look them up, and you'll know what I mean.


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