Sizzle reel for documentary feature, now in development. Directed by Kevin Flint. Starring Marshall Klarfeld.



  1. “There are no skeletal remains”. Consider yourself wrong.

    Also, the concept of gradualism with regard to evolutionary thought is diminished in light of modern understanding of genetic mutation. I draw your attention to the myosin gene. Such mutations allow for sudden, quantum leaps in phylogenetic divergence and phenotypic expression established over as little as a few generations. Good day sir.

  2. oh yes they were.. nice vid, and the massive perfect platforms at ballbeck et al were used to hold the incredible weight of the mined gold for them until they came back for it. this imo is the answer for such massive perfect platforms. psi distribution would be necessary for that weight, and such megalithic platforms could distribute the weight evenly. without these huge blocks, the pile of gold would sink into the earth.  check out Edward leedskalnin,  he understood the occult knowledge of how to apply this anti gravity tech in recent history and is available for viewing in florida,  check it out yourself. peace.

  3. In the underground tunnel cities of ancient times, it seems clear that the Annunaki came to Earth to hide from enemies in orbit. If they just wanted gold it would have been far more efficient to mine an asteroid. So I think they were refugees, perhaps even escaped criminals. They tinkered with humans because they had limited resources and could not build robots. The gold was needed for an electronics industry which they wanted to build up to fight upstairs.

  4. "Join us in the search for evidence of ancient gold mining structures. "
    Have a look at all the settlements in South Africa near the Adams Calendar.
    Just play this tour I made in Google Earth:


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