This week on Lost Origins, Andrew is fortunate enough to have a discussion with Dr. Tudor Parfitt. Often referred to as a modern-day Indiana Jones, Dr. Parfitt’s research surrounds several…



  1. Lies.. no Arab nations nor Asian nations, arguably Ethiopian are Israelites – the Bible was very clear on that along with Edomites (Caucasians).
    The 12 tribes are descendants of David and Jacob , Black Americans , Hispanics and Native & East Indians By biblical definition and scrolls & tablets recorded and DEPICTED.😂😂😂
    🤦‍♂️ ( you can tell that man don’t read no bible )

  2. I have seen the fire of GOD. Go to my youtube site to see real images of this event. Or go to youtube username israel5535 and click on the video, "HEAVENS GATE." I tell you the TRUTH the end is near. Am I throwing pearls at pigs, pigs that will trample pearls disregarding their value. What I have documented and seen, Ezekiel and Moses and John of Revelation saw. They wrote what they saw. There is a reason these books have remained as part of history. There must have been an enormous population to have witnessed these visions. NASA, Scientists and churches are afraid of me even mentioning this to them. I not only mention this, but show proof.

  3. When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with the tablets of ten commandment, He saw Hebrews worshiping an idol. He quickly realized his mistake and threw down the tablets to erase his mistake. His original ten commandment started with "Thou Shall not Kill". After destroying the idol, Moses went back up the Mountain, and this time carved new tablet starting with "Thous shalt not have any other gods before me". If God really gave him the tablet, Moses would never dare to destroy those tablets.


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