An interview with Bill’s longtime research partner, Doyel Shamley. Also covered is how he called out Alex Jones as a disinfo/provocateur agent just weeks before his death, and Bill’s early…



  1. I believe Bill Cooper is a patriot, and I also believed Alex Jones sold out or was threatened by the same people that killed Mr. Cooper. I don't understand why they would let Alex Expose Bohemian Grove, and there is also footage of Jones warning 9/11. It's too bad the two could not have worked together for wich I personally blame Jones, I mean come on Alex everybody wants and needs financial security, but we are talking about the extermination of our constitutional Republic from traitorous usurpers from within and the world falling to a small band of demonic psychopaths with heaven for them and hell for everyone else!

  2. It was a take-out operation to shut him up. When someone owes money to IRS, they don't send assassins to do away with them. IRS wants to collect their money, they don't want the debtor to get away with dying and not paying. Mafia may kill someone, but is this Tactical Force part of that Mafia? Do the killers work for mafia or paid on side to take people out? Must be a lot of truth in Bill Coopers books, radios show, videos, etc. to have government take him out to shut him up. The men who shot him will be judged by God and spend eternity in purgatory. Men did not create this planet, God did. God is Judge. Strange how men think inventing laws to give them free-will to murder will get them off the hook. When death comes for them, no payment to churches or bartering will save them. The good will be at their judgement to ensure they are kept out of heaven. You don't want assassins in heaven or it wouldn't be heaven.

  3. Studentofgosset He was asassinated for getting to close to the truth. People were starting to listen to him and waking up. They wanted him dead so they made up some bullshit story so they could justify killing him. He was asassinated. Go ahead and keep on believing the lies of your government until they take all your rights and freedom away. Or you can listen to the man get off your knees America and stand up for your selves. They're turning the whole planet into a dam prison. Cameras on every street corner. Facial recognition systems. Body scanners at airports. Spying on people through social media networks, smart phones and smart tvs. The next thing that will come will be microchip implants under your skin so they can track your every move. Stand up and tell them NO. Narcisitsts and Sadists hate it when you tell them NO because they lose their power and control over you. The only power they have is the power that was given to them by the people and the people can take it back just as easily as they gave it away in the first place. Don't let them use fear and intimidation to frighten you into submission. Push back. Are you Americans mice or men. A nation of pussies or brave Patriots who stick together as family. Remember the wars your ancestors fought so that you can have the freedom that you enjoy today. Are you just going to stand there let them build a technological prison around you and do nothing? You Americans are the last hope for world wide freedom. You go down then the whole world is fucked. Get ready to bow down to your slave masters.

  4. I don’t listen to Alex jones anymore, Alex is a agent in place, he is used to promote fear, and to leak certain water down information from the elite, and profit tremendous from these half’s truths and whole lies🐍🐍

  5. I have a question. What happened to Bill's wife and kids? Where were they during the shootout? And have they testified as to what happened? Where are they now? Why don't any of these interviewers ask the obvious questions?

  6. The govt got ahold of Alex a while ago and let him continue but also built walls for him. He may be scared for his life I'm not sure but it's been obvious he has been invaded so u can't absorb anything from Alex anymore knowing that he is def gonna be corrupted and even if he tells the truth a lot he is going to add some manipulated info that isn't gonna help and is prolly gonna destroy things

  7. Internet taken over by Government contractor in October 2016. Shows like this are going to be tough to find in their entirety. I advise getting all material on hard copy asap! We don't want works like Mr Coopers and others to be gone. HARD COPIES BEFORE OCTOBER ON ALL PATRIOT INFO!!!!!


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