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  1. Izreal Zeus
    17 hours ago
    The CIA and their Trafficante crime family associates were the ones behind the fake Parkland shooting and they used well paid crisis actors that signed national security contracts. They have a human and drug trafficking operation close to Parkland in Fort Lauderdale and needed an excuse to increase security while also pushing for gun control. The Italian Mafia are known for having an operation in Boca Raton just north of Parkland. The Philly Mob boss Joey Merlino has a residence in Boca Raton. Parkland is literally right next to Boca Raton and the FBI have reported that the Gambino crime family have an operation there. The CIA was working with the Trafficante crime family back during the Bay of Pigs which was a CIA scheme to infiltrate Cuba. Northwoods was a declassified plot to stage both fake and real terrorist attacks to blame on Cuba. The renewed Smith Mundt Act basically "legalizes" propaganda and it includes the Radio Broadcasting to Cuba Act. Anytime they carry out these fake shootings or fake terrorist attacks it is to increase security for their criminal operations. The CIA and mafia have made Cuba a headquarters for criminal operations. The Vegas shooting was to increase security for the mafias money laundering operations. The Brussels Bombings was to increase security for their corrupt bankers because their Prince Lorenz and the BIS-Gutzwiller in Basel tax theft was exposed. Most of the locations of these fake mass shootings in the US are connected with human trafficking networks.

  2. Let me clear up some things .
    Like i said before there is no footage of the venue when the shooting was finished. Remember the many reports of shootings in the hotels around the venue and one bomb treath was reported just in front of the Luxor hotel the bomb treath was to keep the people away in front of the hotel . The other reports were nescessary to evacuate the rooms which had a view at the concertground. The hotel and casino guests were all directed to a area which had no direct sight over the venue. Also the incoming people were not allowed to their rooms but were directed to the other guests . There are several video's where you can see that. This had two reasons the first one was to keep people away from the Sphinx the location of the snipers and the second reason was to be able evacuate the living dead bodys played by these actors in a anonymus way. Now if you look at one of the footage which was taken from a other room of the Mandalay Bay hotel during the shooting, you can see that the police is already arrived at the roadcrossing in front of the hotel but did not directly close the road. Then a white bus appears with blinded windows and is parking in front of the luxor to the venue ground. Then the police start to block the road in both directions along that side of the concertground. Remember there were also no exit's planned at that side of the boulevard for the following reason. The fleeing people were forced to run towards the Tropicana casino where they could leave the venue. Notice that the snipers had also a other purpose namely, they had the assigment to shoot at people who didnt leave the venue right away. They had to make sure that only the (death) actors would stay behind on the venue. When the to noisy eyes were all gone, they now could start to evacuate the actors to the bus and replaced them for the white bodybags. Which you could see the following morning when they loaded some of these white bodybags into ambulances.
    Which is normally a task for the vehicles of the coronor. Now there is one important issue and that why the the "leaked" pictures already appeared the next day, just to serve the public as soon as possible a narrative crime scene to relate the EXAGGERATED findings of the weaponry on the 32th floor with the sound of the automatic gunfire during the shooting. The pictures which were released by the report of the LVMPD are even more important because with two of these pictures they used a overlay technic to manipulate these pictures . That are two big mistakes and will give finally the definitely evidence to proof that this event was actually a well planned false flag operating.
    I already told in a earlier comment that the pictures were taken a couple of days prior to the shooting and not the day after the shooting. What is also amazing that in the released report of the LVMPD you can read that the last deadly victim died on the 3 okt. Thats correct this man died in the late afternoon of the 3 okt. in a hospital. Now the LVMPD came already the evening before the 2 okt with the number of 59 deadly victims . Now what even more mind blowing was, that in the early morning of that same okt 2 , already several media could tell the public the exact amount of dead victims namely 58. To be more exact there was one National and one local Newsoutlet.
    At last i advice you to lookup what the hallmarks of a false flag operation are , you will be surprised how many you can find back into this false flag. If you have some time left then go read something about psychological warfare also a very interesting topic which make more things clear.

  3. Thank you for waking me up i watched your video The Matrix about a month ago. It's terrifying how Evil most or all gov't leaders are especially in the USA I'm ashamed to be an American, the evil our country brought and still brings to the world is shameful.

  4. Boo, what do you care about American issues, you’re British. How many Americans do you know make a commentary videos whenever siblings marry each other in your country or whenever dentists there do a malplractice? Disregard my last, I forgot you guys don’t have dentist, thus, the fucked up teeth.

  5. Frame 24:50: "The Media must press and press for this". David, you know that isn't going to happen. The MSM are more controlled than the Casinos. It's a "false flag" that, like all the others, will slap limply against the flag pole, and withing 7 days will be low down on the lists of people's concerns. No matter how ever badly carried out the "false flag" has happened, "been and gone." It's all over. "NEXT PLEASE."

  6. This story has completely disappeared from the news..It was a cover up for an attempted assassination on Saudi royalty. All of the shooting victims and witnesses disappeared from the headlines..In order to make the headlines today you have to say shit hole or my button's bigger than yours.

  7. How dare you listen to these conspiracy theory based "journalists" that have no real jobs in the news media and then believe their non-sense.  The FBI says there were no gunmen anywhere among the Las Vegas shooting crowd.  They have the proof of all the hundreds of cell phone videos that they took from the attendees of the route 91 festival.  They should know, not these so called independent journalists who have no real jobs with any of the local ltelevision, newspaper or radio firms that provide us with the real truth. We are not idiots, we know that  there was just one crazed gunman who did these evil deeds and killed 59 and wounded over 500 people..  Our national history is filled with these lone gunmen who have been the ones responsible for the assassination of our President and the killing of our citizens. How do they expect us to believe that more than just one lone nutter did these things?  It's ridiculous to believe that more than one person could come together with some plan and together as a team to start a mass killing or executed a single President.  We ,as a people, are much smarter than that.  As they say the simplest plan is the "Truthful Plan".  That  is scientific truth.  Why would more than one person conspire to kill a President when it's easier and possible for just one man to do it?  Does Lee Harvey Oswald ring a bell? How about Charles Whitman? Well now we have Steven Paddock (look up the meaning of the name paddock in the dictionary and you will be astounded by the truth you find there)  How can that not be the proof we need? To think that several men can come together to plan and execute a murder without one of them leaking the truth is stupidity.  As they say Occam's Razor cuts through to the truth and it's the lone gunman who is responsible for the crimes we see today, not any conspiracy of more than one man.  So listen to your current and established  news men and not any independent reporter for the truth.  The Las Vegas Shooting was the result of one millionaire 64 year old geezer who got angry when he lost a round of video poker.  Who of us hasn't lost a few bucks and have become enraged enough to buy 23 ASSULT ARMY MILITARY High Powered Rifles?  When the common man gets that angry he acts alone, he doesn't call up all his friends and involve others, he " doesn't need a village" as Steven Paddock's brother said.  So let us all realize that according to Occam the simplest thing is the truthful thing in all aspects of life.  It's pure science.  Don't listen to these "independent journalists that have no real job, listen to our regular newsmen.  If we can't trust our FBI then who can we trust? Our government is here to protect us and that's their job.

  8. HERO AWARD, what, are we living in the 2nd grade?  Perhaps that says a lot about the way we are perceived by our government.
    What does a "Hero Award" look like?  A statue of Superman perhaps or……..or….just what is a "Hero" these days anyway?  Well I better get off the computer and look for a hall monitor to get my hall pass and go to work.   I'll try my best to earn a gold star todayl

  9. one of the most interesting things to me about all of the footage that is available is the ground floor footage at the concert. the rounds that are supposed to be crashing down never make any other sounds other than the thud of hitting the ground. There should be sounds of those rounds striking metal and other objects rather than sounds of just the ground being hit. Those sounds should be very noticeable. 2nd thing is if that was a .308 or 5.56 the pavement would be getting chewed up and I would assume some sort of debris/dust would be noticed.


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