Aliens are weird. Soundcloud – Jesse Cox – Alex Faciane – Judge Mathas…



  1. Yo, Mathas. I can't demand ANYTHING from you. I'm not a great subscriber. Haven't really seen your gameplay videos for a while. I know. I'm a bad person, I'm sorry. But I NEED more Chilluminati man! I need it like Walken needs more cowbell!

  2. Wanna blow your mind? … Think about smelting… Think about ore… Think about mining… How.. The FUCK did humans start mixing rocks in SUPER hot fire to make metals? Like… The gold in Babylon that the gold veins were nearly a half mile underground and this civilization managed to just know to dig… and burn it… and cast it… Bronze doesn't come out of the ground as is.. you gotta science the shit out of mixing some rocks with the correct heat…

    How much shit did the human race have to burn to figure that out? How did we just decide that if we dug into the ground we'd find different rocks to burn… IDK imo that's the biggest leap in human evolution and i'm leaning towards aliens

  3. I can't believe crendor isn't with these guys… It's pretty fucking obvious he'd fill in a much needed niche in the group you got going… (idiot believes anything) … The dude listens to coast to coast like every fuck'n night…

  4. Since aliens freak me the hell out, these aren't going to be my favorite discussions, but the whole psychic war thing sounds like the exact premise of a VN I'm writing, so it's at least good fiction fodder and I enjoy the hell out of the whole gang and how you discuss things, so I'll look forward to the episodes regardless!

  5. Hey Mathas, subbed because of this podcast! Would love to see video podcast format of it so I can see all of your reactions (especially Jesse's) when talking about all these topics! Keep it up! Love the podcast!


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