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  1. I m still sad for Bill Cooper after 6 years I ve heard and watched his videos..He s the greatest Patriot of the U.S.A. cause he cared for the populis he couldn t stand them so called N.W.O. assholes !!!I hope u Americans will never stop to appreciate the legacy that he left and the fight that he fought!!!I m from Macedonia and still I consider him as my neighbor,as a friend cause HE cared!!!I do not know enough english words to praise him and he s deed…(I hope u understood me)Brothers, like Bill said u are in the front line of defence,if u fall or give up there would be no more fredoom in this god damn world!!!Wake up and fight god damn u!!!!!

  2. communism sounds crazy to nations brainwashed by roman and greek padeopjile propaganda, see they want us to be murder worshiiping warlords while they gp ahead and rape children, they dont feel as badly, see?

  3. Y'know… it might sound silly but its not even as complicated as living your life in accordance with the bible. It's just about being a decent human being. Doing unto othera etc. Practise generosity because it makes you feel good and it helps someone out and its the easiest and quickest way to make the world a better place.

  4. The State of Is Ra El, is a made up thing, by a being of darkness, that fought with Jacob in total darkness, refused to give it's name, and was affraid of the light of dawn.

  5. "Leak Project" = Learn the other side of religion. "Those who from heaven come to Earth" were Annunaki. And they were not our God's. They were a God's thieves who stole from that God who made whatever he made mankind to be here first before THEY come here and changed all we knew on this planet..And about everything in life we knew.

  6. The Anti Christ event of the bible already occurred. It is misleading to say it is going to happen again. He battled Enoch and Elijah. Read the books of Maccabees & Nicodemus

  7. Bill Cooper'S legacy will stay here forever as long as we keep listening and sharing his work. He gave us the direction we need to finish his journey. GOD BLESS AND MAY JESUS BE WITH US ALL!

  8. when a building burns what color is the smoke ? white ! LOL I don't think so – that is dust – it was turning to dust – so Cooper said nuclear but it was RF de-molecularizing technology
    only 20% of the buildings remained and were quickly taken away – look up: "Judy Woods" on YT Cooper was not wrong in thinking the technology of the attack would be the most advanced – he was right! thank you Bill and God bless you for your truth and bravery – those are some of the rarest of things in our world

  9. Where is the outrage people? Blasphemy Blasphemy Blasphemy! God cries out "Come out of her my people"!….. I want to put on sackcloth and role in ashes. I will fast for all Catholics who have been deceived by the the LIAR and deceiver of this earth and God will forgive his people and open their eyes as he called me out and forgave me. Praise be his Holy name.

  10. W.Bush and Hillary Clinton are excellent examples of what a psychopath is they are the epitome of of the definition and they are alien beings they have been taken over by demonic spirit entities the reptilian and draconian alien beings these creatures are running the entire world and ruling over politicians and the shadow builderberg government NSA these individuals already selected your presidents and leader's and they're are secret entities in shadow government NSA and are parasites their existence is pathetic they have no life of their own so they live their life through ours America has already been defeated and enslaved by all your beloved presidents since 1933

  11. Too bad he passed away before reading Ish 43-10,11,12. God sends servants not kings. Jews have corrupted the prophecy to make the end time servant of God into a king. Jews have corrupted the Bible in many places. one example Num 31-21 where don't kill is changed to kill. read the whole story from Num 31-13 on wards. there will be a man claiming to be king which is called beast in the Bible but he will play a negative role only. still part of God's drama Ish 45-7 and Jer 11-11

  12. The stone u see under the queens chair has to do with Jacobs ladder Genesis 28:10-22. The royals are Zionist Jews. The elect are the Christians, the Christians are the Catholics, not modern Catholics who follow the anti-popes but traditional Catholics who know that the last true Pope died 1958 Pope Pius XXII.

  13. Matt 16:18 Thou art Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Bill Cooper was a great man but never a theologian, the Catholic Church founded by Jesus was infiltrated by Freemasons and Protestants, there hasn't been a valid Pope since 1958.


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