In this video Ra Imhotep connects the dots and demonstrates the connection between these three groups, in relationship to the earth quarantine.



  1. We were not created by the reptilians, we have reptilian blood in us because of inbreeding, we chose our human form originally, stop saying shit like "we were created by aliens" that is not remotely fucking true and that is not a good message to tell people

  2. ha ave u heard asetian bible and many other things besides this. Isis is part of vampires. you know the blood God's. have you heard as that as. well it is more then that

  3. Uhhhh……….
    I'm not going to bash on your beliefs, but uh… what evidence is there for any of this? Not bashing, just asking. I mean, I'm never going to believe any of this because it sounds crazy (again, believe what you want. You do you.). But I am curious as to your inspiration.

  4. I know you probably believe mainstream science to be some "false reality", but the Earth, and even the entire universe, does and always has taken up not 3, not 4, but 11 dimensions, but our brain and eyes are only equipped to sense the universe in 3 dimensions. Like all life on Earth, we only need enough sensory input to keep us alive long enough to reproduce. "Wake up!", you truthers keep crying. Will you look at the pot calling the kettle "black"?

  5. Anyone else wonder how Fucking awesome these wars must look like I know it ain't no game but come on dragons vs annunaki with vampires randomly thrown in the quarrel must of been EPIC !!!!!!! I dint condone war my sleeper days consisted of a lot of runescape

  6. I have a friend in Northern Indiana who told me about this some thirty years ago. His father Trained under Harry Blackstone Jr., and he told me of a great magician who dematerialized, however when he came back he didn't live survive the experience.

  7. You are a light giver for sure. been listening to your posts and they all have resonated with me. what i could not explain what was happening to me over the past 53 yrs and the knowledge I had came together. two years ago I looked in the mirror and stared at my face asking where did i come from and I saw a repitilian I thought I was going nuts. I lost it… I am going to contact you soon for a reading. thanks so much

  8. There was no such thing as religion in Africa before, only Cosmic science which was no secret but lived. Spirituality wasn't more secret in Africa than in India, it was only after the imperial era when customs were deemed evil then Religion over took.


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