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  1. Wondering if they will come for all us who have watched this video. If they are real I should be flashed by the flashy thing by the end of tonight. 😉

  2. the guy with the glasses is annoying af, do some research you'll find there's a lot more info on this subject, and also aliens can be explained by science, they're simply other beings that evolved on other planets and have been evolving for millions of years longer than we have (also most likely without religious brainwashing holding them back), considering NASA has discovered over 1,000 earthlike planets now its not that hard to believe, ever heard of the TRAPPIST-1 or Gliese 581 solar systems? I'm guessing no

  3. I think they are related to the USA governament because UFO interactions happens all over the world and, at least here in Brazil (we have a lot of research and reports in this field), no one never heard of those men visiting people

  4. Our science is far from being complete and accurate. There are so many things out there in the universe that don't make sense to us, many things we cannot explain and things which defy the logic and set of rules determined by humans. Ruling something out completely because it doesn't align with the very little we know is pretty much another way to delay our progress.

    I don't think we should dwell and invest everything in the chase after aliens and the supernatural, but you must keep an open mind.

    Trust science, but always remember that there's so much more to this universe we know almost nothing about. A lot of our knowledge is also based off theories that are yet to be proven to be correct.

  5. There's no evidence of aliens visiting Earth but it's incredibly naïve to think that only one planet in the universe has life. Once we find life on Mars and other planets, the religious right is going to go crazy. Also, it only has to be something as small as bacteria just like abiogenesis on Earth.


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