William Cooper interview exposing the true fake jews the synagogue of satan of today spoken of by Christ in the holy bible. I hope you enjoy this and see the truth in it as much as I do and…



  1. So First of all, I️ get the fact that this is an older video and other than annoying clicking the entire time, this was a damn good,well done piece. I’m hoping somebody will read this and either be able to answer the following question or hopefully at least give me some direction. Starting at the 7:20 mark Of the video itself is though TV broadcaster is reading from a script what I would have four really assumed was just enthusiastic “welcome to the New Age of nuclear energy “drivel however, having my eyes opened just a bit as they are, could that bit of diatribe at the end of the video actually be some kind of esoteric occult In nature declaration, forecast and or even spell proclaiming what will happen at the end of the age from the diatribe started in “1939”? Is there more meaning to it other than slick television commentary and would be tantamount to a declaration/forecast that is “hidden in plain sight” thus fulfilling need to Mock, belittle and deride the uninitiated sleeping cattle They clearly see yourself? If so, what are the ramifications/impact if any from a spirit realm perspective? Does Is it fulfill/satisfy or solidify some need/requirement on their(spellcaster’s) part? I may be completely making something out of nothing but it really did seem like a declaration of what our future has in store starting in “1939”.

    Any insight and assistance is truly appreciated and just to reiterate my thanks, this is a really well done, well crafted video. – Cal

  2. All pure fantasy because God never said he is going to send a king to Israel. Ish 43-10,11,12. Jews are fairly low IQ people who created these false prophecies. Jesus was no earthly king as he talked about kingdom of 'God'. most people may read it like a parrot but don't understand it. all illuminati agenda is fake, illuminati themselves are fake with a stolen name. they stole name from a sufi order in Afganistan. sufis live strictly on 'daily bread' while fake illuminati have chnaged their source of light into sun and worship devil and seek worldly kingdom. ho this all came about ? it is gift of a fake Jewish 'Massiah' from Turkey from 1669. who was forced by sultan to be a Muslim. he did become a Muslim but a fake one a fake sufi. this is all covered by Ish 66-4

  3. Jesus was a Semite. The so called royal family are white. To say that Jesus didn't die on the cross is blasphemy. To say that he married and had children is also blashpemy and would make null and void His work on the cross. It's funny that some say he never existed. Now they say he fathered the royal line of England. I'm not sure where Cooper was trying to go with this one but I like most of his work anyways.:)

  4. We are united, we dont need someone sitting on top getting all tax monex and dictating the rules for everyone.

    Ppls are very different, you cant make general rules for everyone on the world … it just doesnt work.

  5. I can just picture ancient vampuric rabbis in a dark candle lit room writing out the bible with a slight evil smirk. The candle flame lighting up his dark dead eyes. He licks his lips to get the last bit of child blood stained on his beard that he drank earlier from a sacrificed goyim child. Hmm what should i call kronos in this book i know how about jesus.

  6. William Cooper was CIA operative under Operation Paperclip. Look up Communist goals for America entered in Congressional Record. Communist Goal #30 "Discredit the founding Fathers as selfish astrocrats only caring for themselves. TALMUDISM IS COMMUNISM JUST LIKE ROTHSCHILDS~ Jesus Christ called Talmudism the "Leaven of the Pharisees". London is the "Red Dragon" and The War of Gog and MaGog is their U.N. war of forced immigration. Gog and Magog are paraded proudly in London during Lord Mayor Parade.

  7. with all due respect +Icelandic Watchman you are welcome to worship and serve the ELOHYM of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, YAH(PS. 68:4) but you must do so in truth and righteousness. Truth is that Israel is a nation of ppl with melanin, black, who lived in Africa. tell the truth and shame the devil. Yahushua, whom ppl ignorantly call jesus, was a black man and his bretheren living today are the sons and daughters of "slaves" living in the western hemisphere. rev. 1:9-16

  8. Hello Icelandic Watchman;
    I just wanted to say that while I was in the U.S. Navy; I was stationed in Keflavik for one year; right to the day. Unfortunately, I never got to leave the base! This was many, many years ago!
    May God Be With You!

  9. Don't forget prince William turns 33 on this upcoming summer soltice. We all know how 33 is important number as well as soltice"s for these NWO freaks. I read the day he was born there was a partial eclipse as well. Keep your eyes on him and the queen. Wolf is sheep clothing ….. Thanks again for all your videos 😉

  10. Fantastic work brother…I am forever amazed at how God is using all of His children in these final days to get the message out before the doors close and the age of grace is over…We are so blessed to be a part of His family…All things really are working together for good for us who love God and are called according to His purpose…May His Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven…


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