The establishment liberal media & Late Night Comedy accuse Alex Jones and InfoWars of calling the Florida HS Shooting victims “crisis actors”. Meanwhile YouTube takes down InfoWars videos…



  1. Even if you believed and expressed the opinion that they were crisis actors, doesn't make any difference! That's the whole point of freedom of speech! We all as individuals have a right to our own opinion, and to express that opinion– ALL of us! No matter how "crazy" it may seem to some punk political activist kid utilizing the ultimate power to play Kim Jong Un., who in no way can be objective even if there were such a thing as speech that should be banned. Simply stating facts is not "crazy." It's okay to include OPINIONS as well as facts, particularly when done under no pretense of representing/expressing the one as and/or conflating one with the other. Alex never even said that the shooting wasn't real! BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT! EVEN IF HE SIMPLY STATED HIS OPINION, IT DOES NOT AND SHOULD NOT MATTER WHETHER OR NOT THIS OR THAT PERSON DOESN'T THINK IT'S TRUE. CAN WE ALL POSSIBLY AGREE ON EVERYTHING?? NO!!! SO, JUST WHO EXACTLY IS SUPPOSED TO DECIDE WHICH OPINIONS GET TO BE EXPRESSED AND WHICH DON'T? um, yeah, how about, LET'S NOT! >:(

    THESE CORPORATIST SNAKES!! WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPRESS OUR OPINION, NO MATTER JUST HOW "CRAZY" YOU THINK IT SOUNDS! ..Personally, I don't think you all really think it sounds as "crazy" as you seem to. Well, some of you I know so.

  2. NO, no no no no…they were caught Alex! They ARE CRISIS actors being used for the gungrab agenda…Hogg's sister was in the hospital; pretending to be a shooting victim!!!! And they're just using this evidence we have against them, now against us to try and censor the truth!

  3. If the shooting actually happened and all these interviews with the kids are genuine , why would YouTube have to delete videos ? The truth is the truth and no amount of videos is going to change that . UNLESS they ARE acting and the shooting WAS staged.then it makes sense for deleting the videos.

  4. They don't care about these kids. They're using this tragedy to manipulate the public to believe we need more gun laws. All at the cost of the kids. They care more about the sound bite then the well being

  5. OK Alex. We understand the supidity of the left. But please stop with the frantic conspiracy based presentations that look like a play book from the World Wrestling Federation Your acting needs some refinement . Get more Roger Stone type of info. I have noticed this poor deprivation of your vids for sbout a month and a half now. You have fallen about 5 preferred on the favs list.

  6. Wolgang Halbig has proven SH was one giant lie after another BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT AND PROVEN BY POSNER BACKING DOWN AT THE LAST MINUTED REDUNDANTLY SO….but we're suppose to believe this vampire , Anderson Cooper , and allow ourselves to be chastised by the likes of him who was up to his eyeballs in Sandy Hook and the promotion of going to war on lies killing millions upon millions. The audacity is beyond the English language to communicate.

    And Kimmel who is nothing but a spokes person for the sick hollywood crowd to be some kind of authority. Kimmel is not in any position to know anything . so people , he has no right to demand he is an authority on the subject whatsoever.

  7. I do not always agree with Info Wars. I think they blow stuff out of proportion and I do not always trust what they say, but they should be free to say it!


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