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  1. so a mere mortal was coming up with ideas that even the ancient shape shifters who built the moon/space craft and our entire holographic universe couldn't come up with?
    I like Icke but he should stick to the financial system and 9/11 theories.

  2. Tesla invented the radio but Marconi stole 17 patents from Tesla to make it.. Tesla's biggest problem was he was surrounded by Jewish Vultures who stole his patents and left him a poor man.. In the end he was murdered by Otto Skorzeny and George Bush Sr. in his Hotel room where they stole his most secret patents from his safe..

  3. Reading a lot of comments most leading to dissention we have always taken our eyes minds and hearts away from what matters . Unity amongst humans is what's needed to progress humanity not mindless distractions that divide us. One race it's called human . Only species i know on the planet that divides it's self based on color religion or ideology.Wake up folks stop fighting each other have a great day go out and love someone Peace

  4. Cowardice is the reason that the 'elite', as they like to think of themselves, end up with evil people as a front and evil people, who lack empathy, are always destructive since they also lack love and wisdom. This is the crux of what has previously been explained in terms of God and the doings of D'Evil.

  5. Sorry friends, Tesla is not genius !!!
    Why did his father (orthodox Christian priest) oppose Tesla's interest in "science"?
    What is this "science"?
    As a teenager he jumped from the roof trying to fly. Genius? Fool!!!
    Why never, NEVER had any love, girl, wife, some child ???
    Why and how he fled from home – Croatia to Graz – Austria, Prague – Czech Republic, Budapest – Hungary, Paris – France and then across the Atlantic in the US … ???
    How??? Which money?
    Tesla lived recently. It's not prehistoric.
    Why do not you have one, NOT ONE Teslin's Invention ??? Why??? Well that was yesterday …
    Sorry, he has one of his attempts with that tower.
    This has failed because the main "genius" in all of this was Tesla.
    Why do not you have NO ONE movie from "Tesla's Laboratory" ???
    Why do we only have some stupid "photos" ??? Photoshops !!! (check this)
    Why do all the media around the world praise Tesla? Whose media are ??? In whose hands?
    Why did he do it as a great genius in all School Programs around the World ??? Who Prepares School Programs ???
    There are still many questions … but …
    Okay friends ..
    Here are only some answers.
    Tesla became castrated as a teenager in Graz – Austria, to be able to isolate himself from earthly challenges and get close to the paranormal, to someone who knows how our world works …
    Who can know that?
    The closest and most intelligent Angel of God the Creator was burned by angel Lucifer …
    Tesla was as chaste as he dedicated his life to communicating with Lucifer.
    Lucifer gave Tesla the secrets of the beginning and functioning of our world, and he transmitted the information to Edison's team.
    Tesla is not a genius. Tesla is a Satanist. Tesla communicated with Lucifer and only a few important information passed to Edison's team.

  6. Tesla was a Serb and his family originates from Banjani, Niksic, Crna Gora. before the name Tesla the last name of the family was Draganic. son of an Orthodox priest just can't be a Croat. he had Mars na Drinu played for his funeral at his wish. not that it matters as Serbs and Croats are the same nation ripped apart by religion and foreign influences. neither are the rest of us, Serbs or Croats, any wiser because of the fact Tesla was a genious.

  7. If there was one man/woman who I could bring back from the dead and have a talk with, it is Nikola Tesla. If he would have had the funding he wanted/needed and didnt have opposition(probably big companies), the world would have unlimited free energy…and who knows what else!

  8. This whole modern world of electricity microwave communication and control are dark matter technology channeled thru Nick Tesla……….mark twain referred to Tesla as "Satan" Tesla preferred to call himself "Lucifer"…….. Connect those Dots.Tesla has brought enslavement

  9. his papers went to trumps uncle- an MIT prof. look it up!- FBI agents that included none other than John G. Trump, the uncle of the current Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

    Trump’s uncle was, by all accounts, a very accomplished and intelligent man, an M.I.T. Professor of Engineering, who helped design X-ray machines for cancer patients and did radar research work for the army during World War 2.

    John G. Trump’s analysis of Tesla’s papers concluded that:

    Tesla’s “thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character,” but “did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.”

  10. Swami Vivekananda and niklo Tesla were best friends. swami Vivekananda gave him Upanishads to read and taught him the power of Kundalini. people don't know about this. research more about it


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