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  1. guys aliens aren't real bc if they lived on another planet with no life or sources how can they build UFOS? plus how can there be more aliens if they don't have private parts to reproduce?

  2. Bottom line: if we were advanced enough to travel to other planets that's what we would be doing and that's exactly what they're doing because they are that advanced and they are exploring the universe just like we wish that we could

  3. You left out the most amazing parts, namely the pilot's discussion of what they were seeing. There was more than one, there was a whole flight of them per the other pilot. The pilots have also appeared on television and given detailed accounts. The pilots man, the pilots.

  4. The government may be preparing for disclosure and some of it will be true but the motive of the same people that have lied and murdered people for decades to cover this up can't be trusted. We don't need their or the media's approval, disclosure is happening now from the countless testimonies and personal experiences people are having.

  5. Tom Delonge is stretching the truth a little…Any grad student can tell you the makeup of any any material found, no matter where it was recovered in this universe ,whether its metal,plastic, a composite,,etc we can analysis it . The DOD did not say it had found any as yet undiscovered unknown alloy. Why do all the hypocrites insist the government is lying,hiding the truth one minute then the next minute their watching a DOD video? We knew the governments position in the 50's,they said they couldn't explain a lot of the cases,how is that lying. ? If UFO's and aliens were visiting Earth,I would think we would have more than a handful of images.How is it,that the UFO community insists its the American military and only the American DOD has images,evidence? What about all the other nations of the world ? the other,70 space agencies,anybody ever think to ask them about their position on the subject.

  6. When you see one or two like me you have no question as to whether they are real . Ive seen two in my life . Maybe you need to see to believe ? This is an historic release of information from the US government yet is controlled and not reported by the media as it should be . They are trying to ease us into the truth ….Hardcore proof has been withheld for decades.

  7. I saw an alien in sydney it was night time the door was open and i seen it at the front yard it stood their for a good 2 mins in between i told it to go away it just stood their, my brother told me to shut up it was so unknown to me, i should of ask something a few nights before i had this dream both good an bad after learning and watching few of secureteam10 i had to say something

  8. You are probably missing the rotation; that's why we got low grade footage. In other words, there's a 3D relief of the object! Plus it's flight path. Yesterday, sensors picked up U235 in Alaskan air space. Do Hornets have other sensors for more data? IDK


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