From Facebook… The Great Works – How to offend everyone all at once – Can you handle the truth Listen to the whole video, this guy makes a lot of sense. How to offend everyone all at once…



  1. Larken Rose makes all the sense in the world but I really think a lot of these activists are starting to loose their nerve & a few screws… We still need to be sensitive about others feelings & respect their beliefs & we can always get our point across when making public speeches on something as delicate as this topic.

    Larken Rose, I have great admiration for you & agree but this here was totally unnecessary & way out of line!

    This here is asking for big time trouble!

  2. Except for the countries left on earth that dont have a Rothschild central bank shoved up their ass…Iran…Cuba. And N. Korea…There were 7 but Israel ,Rothschilds. Zionist war platform blew upthe WTC. on 911…so they could invade Afghanistan. Iraq…Libya…and Syria …for their greater israel project of Arab land confiscation…War makes. Money .Many billionaires were made.

  3. Larken Rose is one of the most conscientious man of total common sense in America today…Larkin exposes all the illusions that formulate the Bernasian non reality agenda that brain damaged America.

  4. Painting the troops with such a wide brush is disturbing. The reason I say this is because most of our troops are from impovershied neighborhoods and many simply don't have a choice. For most, the military option is the only option after graduating high school because of the conditions they grew up around. To top that off they get school aid if they want and guess what? You can't go to college for free! Anyone who doesn't understand this, has never grown up poor or had friends who were poor.
    Now when you mention war crimes or genocide committed by certain troops. WHO is not going to agree here?

    Seriously…. we can hate war , we can hate laws, we can hate predatory capalitism, we can hate flags , we can hate patriotism, we can hate govt, taxes etc etc. But F the troops ? Not cool! Because to put it simply they are pawns in the game and by the time they realize what they got involved with, it's too late.
    I love my country and I love our citizens. That's the difference!
    That DOESN'T EXCUSE the evil that runs it!

  5. Yup the red white and blue dildo thats being jammed up the american peoples asses day in and day out. I can listen to Larken Rose for hours. I'll def be sharing this one thanks for the upload

  6. This planet is so dumbed down and brainwashed its calling scrambling and fucking with human DNA until were nothing more than flesh robots. Farmable flesh robots. HE IS 100% CORRECT

  7. Larkin consistently forgets to explain that Zionist psychopaths usurped the govt decades ago to implement their agenda of world enslavement…Since when does the CEO of Israel get to address OUR CONGRESS and get 27 standing ovations for murdering innocent Semite women and children in Palestine?

  8. lol u do realise white christians and nonn muslims were slaves from 6th century to 19th century and if the government didnt conquer other countries your wife would be a sex slave ud either be converted or dead and u wouldnt have a opurtunity to bring yourself out of poverty, and taxes well if u r smart and r self employed u can figure it out the loopholes that is lol too many people cry about the problems and offer no solutions i know its hard for a cuckold to understand but heyy

  9. fuck the U.S. troops and their foreign nations that are evil i dont feel sorry for my stupidity family for going in the service in the first place they gave their rigjts for privliges and daeth them fuckin slaves to a system tthat dont cate about you after you served you come home in a cardboard box or a arm ore led mission but thay dont care and you die they calect 10 millon dollars from battle insurance and whats the family get a big sorru he was a brave slabr you do the math.

  10. sorry but u dont have to respect like or honor what soldiers do , but to talk down on them like that … gtfo here dude, i hope a war breaks out on this dudes front porch. maybe that will set his head straight. fuck this guy.

  11. I've heard 40 of this guys vids. This is by far the best and most simple for simple people that are the American people to understand . I was born in America and told I had the toughest language to learn till I learned it was the 30th the toughest. . Told I was the freeest nation til I learned I was the 26th freeest ..
    This guy is amazing and let's support him

  12. Anarchy has never worked. It ALWAYS slides into totalitarianism. ALWAYS. When the civil war starts, anyone on the left or right of the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC are enemies of our republic…..

    FYI for the intelligent: Lawyers incorporated themselves in about 1871. Then they incorporated Washington DC. The oligarchy of the BAR controls the corporate government. I have used the 7th Amendment, (common law), to protect my self from corporate statutes. As a veteran who served in Bosnia, I've seen what a power vacuum can do.

    Anarchist are typically intellectuals with no practical experience. There is a reason the USA has the oldest government in the world. Mexico, for example, has had 20 constitutions, 40 coups, and over 60 changes in government. China's constitution was written in 1949. Italy has had 30+ changes since 1945.

    As a veteran of the Old Republic, I will defend the Constitution from the snowflakes on the left: social, commies, Darwinist, and fascist. And anarchist on the right…….. I may need to buy more ammo. This guy in the above video is full of hate. The truth is that utopia does not exist. And anarchy will lead to a lot of good people getting killed, as it has in the past.

  13. This is lunacy at its worst degree you say Wars are futile and we shouldn't send soldiers over seas but then you're saying we have troops in Our Land to protect us if they invade us….. war is war no matter the soil you dipshit…..and im not even from the U.S but ill tell you this man should be castrated so no more of his kin can be brought into this world.

  14. It's simple… You are a Human Being.. You are not a country, religion, flag, border, race, gender, status, job, and whatever you imagine you to be.. Don't let anyone convince you that you are something else because when you do you have deprived yourself from your humanity, you then have mentally divided yourself, and everything you do because of it will be against your own nature turning you in the evil that you do not want to see… “When we deny the EVIL within ourselves, we dehumanize ourselves, and we deprive ourselves not only of our own destiny but of any possibility of dealing with the EVIL of others.” ― J. Robert Oppenheimer


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