A list of the most magnificent wonders which ancient civilizations have produced, including the Egyptian pyramids, the ancient city and temples at Machu Picchu in Peru, and the ancient temples…



  1. If I had carved this, I think I would have left the ceiling the natural rockface. It's prettier. Though I'll have to go look at it in person before being absolutely sure. Hm. A pilgrimage is forming, Lord Shiva will claim me no matter how much I try and hide.

  2. I think you are an alien,Hindu gods are not aliens,they were they before and they created everything ,lord Vishnu saved the mother Earth which was clearly mentioned in the puranas,everything is written in the puranas and we believe it

  3. Thank YOU so very much! I've seen many videos of this wondeful place. That's why to me, the most important part i really loved, IS your last messages for humanity. Unfortunately, the ego of many people doesn't let them to see THAT part. And they cling to the idea of being the children of a better nations, different races…. that their religoin is the only one telling the truth….. And when it comes to that part, ALL religion dogmas create a base for arguments.
    Being spiritually evolved and ahead of them, YOU simply IGNORED those comments. Well done!

  4. Undoubtedly, ancient aliens as discussed in the epics of different different religions are true. Now, we have scientific evidence to prove it. Those aliens are worshiped as God in many civilisation. Those were far more advance than present science. Santana Dharm, popularly known as Hinduism, is the oldest religion, and it's epics have mentioned many things about them. But unfortunately maximum of those epics have been either lost or destroyed by natural calamity or by muslim looters.

  5. This can only Serbs … look at 2:38
    Four Lions form (by their bodies and heads )Serbian Swastika …
    Four lion standing in the sun and show the direction of raising sun!
    In Nepal and India live tigers ..
    Leo is proof of the Serbian Aryan culture in the East!
    This Temple is the Serbian temple of the raising Sun!

  6. it is immature to say that the civilisations of the past are that of aliens or the people had alien connections. civilisations existed in the past and they had their own technology. rock cutting on massive scale was done by using chistels. a number of small holes are created on the rock with small chistels and then a bigger one is hammered into the hole. the rock breaks due to air pressure. this technique is used in kerala india by local labourers to cut rocks to make pavements.

  7. This is part of Hindu dharma and is a Hindu temple. It is NOT part of all religions!!! Honesty and acceptance of this truth is the first step on the long path to self realisation. If anyone has difficulty in believing this small truth the final truth will be harder and more allusive to reach. Abrahamic religions do not subscribe to this narrative or belief but have a right to the universal truth.

  8. these beings, such jesus, krishna expalin themselves to be God or from God.
    they had all knowledge, so they have space crafts etc while on earth, a mere mastery of the world they created, not aliens as other evolved beings visiting us.

    we as evolved have same technology, we are not aliens are we? If we visist others, we are to them, but we are not God are we?

  9. When things cannot be understood by limited intellect, people call it "Alien". You know nothing about hinduism, this land of "Bharat" have seen so many amazing inventions and creations which are advanced. We people of Bharat knows it, thats why we are not surprised, those people who have not experienced these things, will be surprised.

  10. whats so aliens about this … how stupid are u man … anything that u can explain … u call it alien !!! get a fucking life .. i wasted 11.52sec trying to figure whats alien bout it !!! bloddy scum bag …. wasted my fucking time … have u thought bout how u r born from ur mother's womb , just by ur parents fucking each other … and bang … scum like u is born and day by day u grow some simple sperm and ova …. maybe ur moms pussy is alien technology !!! go dig it mother fucker ….
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