If you’ve ever tuned in to watch an episode of Horrible Histories, you might be forgiven for thinking that it’s just a stupid sketch show for kids. However, you’d be …



  1. I watched a few seasons of Horrible Histories on Hulu last year. I like it! Didn’t know this is a children’s show. This wouldn’t be acceptable marketed as a children’s show in the U.S. 😪

  2. You are so small minded. You like to use your theories to put people down in the same way. So hypocritical. The conspiracy world is vast and complicated, so what you do is simplify it and make fun of it. Lame

  3. I watch this every night at 19:00 on CBBC. They still put it on. I don't like the new one with the new actors. It came out when I was 9 so I was the perfect age for it, learning about the Tudors in school. Sometimes our homework was to watch Horrible Histories. My dad and I watch it reaaaaally often. I find the repeat hilarious. The bloopers are hilarious because all the original actors had so much chemistry. Have you watched their film, 'Bill'? It's about William Shakespeare's life.


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