The Hour of Our Time – The Legacy of William Cooper.



  1. 4:27-5-13. Look at Cooper's hands and what he just said. 'The ufo came from the water' and "tumbled on it's axis". What other ufo footage has that very unique, quirky, and rarely ever seen before "tumbling" characteristic? *The recent footage the government just released in 2017 that Commander Fravors (the pilot whose‚Äč jet allegedly recorded the ufo footage back in 2004) also 'came from the water' and is seen to demonstrate that same odd tumbling characteristics. Cooper said it was in the 60's when he witnessed the object. The Fravor footage was in 2004 – sounds and looks like they are both from the same technology.

  2. R.I.P. your a true triple O.G. bill cooper i thank you for everything youve done for the american people, im sorry those f$#!ing pigs got you, but thats my boy you took one of those sons of b!#@es with you, you will live on forever as a hero and a martyr hopefully we can use your research to figure out how to bring down the beast, because they were so clearly scare of you for good reason hopefully you get whatever heaven you want you deserve it . One Love ūüíĮ‚̧

  3. So, according to Bill there are only two possible outcomes…"They" followed to a T, the book of Revelations or…there truly is a god that proclaimed it all. Really? Aren't you missing the obvious…"They" wrote the fake bible to purport their agenda! If you're a Christian you are the spawn of the Illuminati and Freemasons…sheep for the feast!

  4. SolidwasteEG03 Thank you for sharing this valuable information. It's interesting that the UFO's shapes changed and became more sophisticated over the years. One would think they'd have been advanced in shape and size from the very first one that crashed at Roswell. Am on the other side of the world, the distance between us all makes no difference in the message that Mr Cooper is giving us. Everybody worldwide is affected by NATO and Uniting Governments. Safety to everyone through your journey in this life. All of us only have one chance, to live a decent, honest, be mindful of other's, caring, loving life. May peace, love, discernment and a clear conscience be everybody's aim. Hard working people need better conditions and decent wages too. The politicians need to respect the very people that keep the country worth visiting and producing products to consume. How very sad this honest gentleman of integrity and truth was lied about through the media, truly a tragic end to a dedicated man with a good cause. Feeling so sad and emotional, mixed feelings. Watching and hearing this web woven of deceit by the media. A fabricated story released to slur and destroy a brave man of truth that did his best to educate all of us. Senseless wars and downright murder at the cost of innocent children's and communities lives torn apart without a thought. Misery heartbreak grief and suffering for any survivors of atrocities committed, with no exceptions of whom. The reasons are clear as explained in the videos watched and listened to. Mr Cooper, May you Rest in Paradise with other Veterans that fought for their countries and the many many victims of the destruction. Lest We Forget – Never! Sincerest Condolences to Mrs Cooper and your family. Also close friends that knew Mr Cooper that knew better than how you were perceived and portrayed to the public by the media. ūüôĀ

  5. The last great man the Truth Movement had. There are truthers now who know about as much as he did, but most of them are YouTube warrior metrosexual truth nerds who will fold like cardboard cutouts when the shit hits the fan. The last of the real men are dead or dying.

    America is fucked, that is unless we are rescued by the millenial feminazi butch bitches raised on Hollywood movies that taught them that 120lb females can kick the crap out of 230lb tough guys. They're our last line of defense. At least they're crazy enough to try. Most of the men will cuck out.

  6. William Cooper was God's prophet, and he was murdered for that reason. Jesus did say that if we believed in him and followed in his ways then we too would be hunted down, persecuted, murdered, shamed, locked up, crucified just as he was. It is sure a blessing to see that such a simple man could touch the lives of others because he knew the truth and that set him free, thus he sought to enlighten others so that they would also see the light of truth which we are now seeing succeed with his cult/like following, God Bless Bill your truth & courage will be missed!!!

  7. I’ve been searching and searching and praying and praying for answers! I had to miss work today due to a virus. Today I was led here! Amazing, praise God I have found the answers to my questions!! A truth seeker I have finally found the truth! May the truth set you free. Don’t be deceived!


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