Are the water deaths around Manchester’s canals linked to a more world wide conspiracy? Are they murders or accidents? Coming soon to Amazon Prime – The Manchester Pusher looks at both sides…



  1. About time someone took a serious look at this issue – how can these incidents be explained away with per capita percentages when the statistics of preceding decades simply don't support that premise. The canals have been around for a very long time, yet these incidents are all compressed into a relatively short time frame. I so excited to see this I could burst.

  2. Can't wait to watch. You really do such an excellent job with your videos. Not just the editing etc but the content. Cheers to you for opening our eyes. Like when you did the homeless doc. It's not anybody knows about it but sometimes we need a kick in the pants.

  3. Hmnnn 😶 Interesting . Personally I kind of wonder if this could be the result of guys getting a bit drunk ( clubbing ) and then needing to do that man thing ? No wish to be rude , old lady here , go for a pee ..piddle into a canal , slip and fall in ? I live in Medway , and just a while ago , young guy who had been out drinking with mates , was found drowned in the river . Very sad. The thought that there could be a ' Pusher ' is really scary .


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