The Matrix Revolutions is a 2003 science fiction action film written and directed by The Wachowskis. It was the third installment of The Matrix trilogy, released six months following The…



  1. Hey Matt good review for another underrated sequel. I guess I can agree that Reloaded was probably the better of the two sequels. Still was still a decent sequel at best. Could have been better in some parts here and there, but still was good. I will agree it had a good ending and it was satisfying too. I am a sucker for good endings where it's done and there's no need for another follow up. However "they" always make more sequels that mess up a franchise in some shape or form. Could final fight between Neo and Smith. Good review and I liked your little speech of how there can be no more war, if we work together, etc. Good review and take care Matt.

  2. Revolutions shouldn't deserve the amount of hate that it has gotten. It's my least favourite out of the trilogy, I can't say it's a great film, but again I do appreciate and respect the Wachowskis for taking some massive risks, some results where great, some where ok. Great results was the final showdown between Neo and Agent Smith, the fighting was masterfully done, the final music score is perfect, edits are beautiful, the war in Zion was insanely chaotic and they still respect our heroes Neo, Morpheus and Trinity.

    Some other results like Over-abundance of characters, sometimes the script can be a little messy, the pacing of the movie does lack a little, it does lack the quality of the movie, yet despite some of the gripes I have, I still think it's a competently made decent movie. Trinity and Neos working together trying to get to the machine city was exciting, heartbreaking and great visuals. The christ metaphors was overly exaggerated, but yet I do love the concept of it. Wish it could've been a subtle metaphor.

    Overall it ends on a good conclusion. When Humanity has Trinity = (Love), Morpheus = (Knowledge), & Neo = (Action) and combines all 3 things together, that's how we can destroy the Matrix and end the wars, end the enslavement, end the lies and start new and fresh. The philosophy is very powerful and has been in all the entire trilogy. Neo is indeed 'The One'. Morpheus prophecy has been fulfilled. The Matrix is still a very solid trilogy, they better NEVER make a god damn reboot or I'll blow my brains off.

  3. 18:53 Good point bro but I would've thought the main baddy in the sequels would've been ''The Architect'' but not have it be a Col Sanders looking motherfucker have maybe Jet Li play him but that's what I thought of back in the day dough nowadays it doesn't bug me anymore.
    20:18 Right!!!!! you remembered my comment on your tribute for the trilogy

    Wonderful job on reviewing the trilogy bro to me this sequel and the last sequel is one movie which works out great IMHO.

  4. Great job on the reviews Matt! Thanks for defending the sequels. I love the sequels and I'll never understand the hate. I didn't get to see the first Matrix in the theater, but I did see Reloaded and Revolutions in the theater. I was only 12 years ago and it was a great experience. Both are very underrated sequels and the whole trilogy is great IMO.

  5. Awesome job on the matrix reviews and this channel is still one of the best channels on youtube bro thank you and I actually like matrix revolutions more than reloaded but that's just me great job as always bro.

  6. its funny you mentioned Nostalgia critic, I was watching one of his videos of Last Action hero where he completely missed the point of this film and trashed it… he's pretty much known for having shit taste in action movies

  7. Talking about theaters, I remember seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in theaters in 2001. I originally thought it was 2000, but then I went to imdb and the movie came to Finland in 2001. Why I brought this up, because the movie came between 1st Matrix and sequels. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was mine so called Matrix movies lol.

  8. Even though most of the film took place outside more than inside the Matrix it still holds a special place in my heart as this one debuted in theaters during my high school senior year. I remember the first time I watched the trailer for it and saw Neo with that blindfold I wondered how that happened but of course it was from that tussle with the Smith-possessed Bane. Neo may have lost his sight by "Bane" but he gained source vision in return and was able to I think decapitate him with the steel pipe "Bane" tried to used on him. He couldn't hide from our hero because of Neo's final power-up. I thought it was funny about Neo's reaction trying to escape the train station. I think Trinity had to die so that Neo would've been able to sacrifice himself as he had nothing else to lose but I can understand you wanting her to survive. Maybe after the Reloaded sex scene there was a "revelation" at the end that Trinity was pregnant with her and Neo's child and he/she would be the next "One." Also there were many side character storylines being focused on which was one bad thing about the movie. I never understood the main villain being the Smith(Sith maybe)-possessed Oracle. Why not the Alpha-Smith? But then again that had to be done in order for the Oracle to help Neo with that beginning-end quote that he had to stop fighting and allow Smith to take over him unlike stopping him before the Burly Brawl coming into full circle. The last scene of Neo being taken by the machines I swore it looked he staring to smile on his face. I never minded when the little Indian girl made the sun as a tribute for Neo as cheesy/corny as it maybe. Besides it looked like she, the Oracle, and Seraph were in the Matrix version of Central Park so it looked quite nice. To sum it up the Neo-Smith Final Fight is easily the best scene in the movie to me. I apologize for my lengthy speech but I felt passionate about the film for all the bashing it gets. As for the reboot/remake…Who knows?

  9. Yeah I feel the same about these movies, I just watched them recently too and enjoyed them, and I wouldnt mind seeing you play path of neo I played it a long time ago lol and I just played a bit of the enter the matrix game it was ok

  10. Fucking love the battle scene in Zion with that badass with the mecha machine gunner. Loved the movie fullstop and a great send off to an awesome trilogy, One of the last decent trilogies, I might add of the 2000s / 21st century so far and if it was me personally I could totally buy being one of these minor characters in Zion Shooting it out in a future battle for our survival against AI it makes perfect sense to me so that entire scene in my opinion didn't piss me off at all The minor characters still did a great job acting wise and were convincing

  11. *smashes table*" Maybe you knew I was going to do that, maybe you didn't. But if you did that means you placed those cookies there, deliberately, purposefully. Which also means you're sitting there, deliberately, purposely!"

  12. This is my second favourite after the first film, heck, it's my favourite sequel of all time. It has the best score of trilogy too IMO.

    I even love the DVD menu with the great music and imagery, definitely confures the feel of Neo's journey coming to an end. Always appreciated that and wish WB kept that for the Blu-Ray (hopefully they put it on the upcoming 4K release)

    Now after hearing your thoughts on the entire trilogy, I highly recommend Cloud Atlas, in some ways it feels like The Wachowskis made a spiritual sequel to The Matrix Trilogy. The film is like an entire Trilogy of films edited into one cohesive film and it actually works. The score is incredible too (Tom Tykwer, one of the composers, worked on the score for Revolutions too). Another underrated gem.

  13. One Word… This Review is 100% pure Heart of Gold. 💛

    I have to admit I like NC (Critic) But. I Don’t like His Review on Movies That I like (I love Commando, I Enjoy Sidekicks, I love 1990s IT, Etc.) But Yeah, I have Issues With Channel Awesome talking shit on Arnolds Underated films (End of Days, Eraser, And More) as Well as Sly’s But. Like I Say, I have My Own Opinion as Well, You’re are 1000% Better Than Channel Awesome Because You know What an Opinon is And i Appriciated.

    Wishing A Vrolijk Pasen (Happy Easter) Matt 🐰🐰🐰🐰

    Ruben 🇳🇱🧀🌷

  14. I love all the matrix movies.. i enjoyed the battle between the humans and machines… I THOUGHT THAT THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE A MAXTRIX REBORN??? but i guess it was a rumor


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