“The Most Eye-Popping & Imaginative Movie of the Year.” – Gannett. Breaking box office records as the biggest Easter opening ever, this special effects-driven tale follows Keanu Reeves (“Speed,”…



  1. I am curious as to what his hand reaching out to the mirror is an allusion to. Eve tasting the fruit (seeing himself in the mirror is vanity) or Adam reaching out to God (like on the Sistine Chapel) come to mind.

  2. Don't you think it is time to create a PREQUEL to the matrix series?!  How awesome would that be?!  How did things in the world get so bad that some how human beings turned over total control of life on this planet to the computer and electronic systems.  Were our backs up against the wall due to plague, famine, natural disasters, nuclear war?  What???  Did humanity make a deal with a computer CZAR that then double crossed us all with plummeting us into some kind of permanent dream like virtual reality, coma state with the initial promise that it would only be a temporary situation until there was a cure or solution found to solve the world's global self destruction?  Wachowski Brothers, let's do it!!!  Get back in the saddle again for us, please.  We'll be there to support you and your cinematic wonder creation.  Promise.  Love your work.

  3. I remember when this movie came out. It is disgusting to think about sucking all that soylent through a tube, but I am glad to eat the Lord personally. It reminded me of my father's thesis from seminary. It was before the time of this movie, and it was about how you reap what you sew, and it functions like a matrix in a way, like if you always complain of pain, it will be more noticebly painful.

  4. 1:37:35  Listen to what Smith is telling Morpheus for the next couple minutes.  WE humans should take those wordsvery seriously because they are the complete Truth.   Which is WHY AI is already beginning to take over and probablyWILL,  unless we see this movie as what it IS:  a warning to what's coming.


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