New discoveries into our history are starting to challenge the mainstream model of history. Complex pieces of technology have been unearthed all over the world pre-dating all known recorded…



  1. As important as this information is, and interesting to uncover, I find the presenter to be so very patronizing & self-important. Shame, but ah well. Data's important enough to look past such trivia.

  2. The only logical answer for the creation of these buildings is, here on earth 14,000+ years ago there was much less Gravity. That's how ancient
    civilizations were able to move and erect such massive and heavy stone objects

  3. Love how you ridicule others for doing precisely what you are doing. Speculating. Let me enlighten your arrogant ass. You cannot analyze something you know nothing about using what you know at this time. All of research takes what data or evidence that is in front of us and tries to match it to what we have learned and retained thus far. So any approach to an unknown object or artifact cannot be intelligently explained. Too many institutionally educated snobs cannot say "I don't know" and you don't know. You make authoritative sounding guesses.And then ridicule anyone who opposes you. Any bum off the street can guess.So guess where that puts you in the order of expertise? You are an expert guesser . No one,and I think it should be clear,no one KNOWS. You speak and use insults and ridicule as a shield from opposition. You are a well spoken fraud.Nothing more.

  4. She says "Mayans did invent the wheel but didn't have beasts of burden to pull carts, because they were Too civilized to make people do it" I guess she thinks that's why we found no wheels??? OK, are there no other uses of wheels? Too civilized to make people pull cart? I guess they didn't like their human sacrifices too tired for the gods???? I guess they were also too civilized to use their slaves to pull the wheelless carts! Oh, wait they couldn't have the slaves they had because they weren't white! This is liberalism rotting the brain!! Can't trust the researcher!

  5. And,, there are,,,other,, non-ethereal,,, highly intelligent,, (,not much, is requisite to surpass, ANTHROIDS),, , ,, IN THE universe,, , ( I SINCERELY,,, HOPE SO)!!!! I'VE . . . yet,, to ,, have, the need, to chase one , out of my back yard!!!!!!! B.F. D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It is definitive evidence of a human/gray hybrid. They normally mature at a much faster rate than humans. They are used for menial tasks that require intricate details to accomplish. And they likely were the product that came from human fathers and hybrid mothers! Their skin was usually a light yellow or copper red as a result. Not all fallen angels took on male attributes! Many desired to become female and produce children since the secret of life is in the seed that furtilizes the egg.

  7. What an amazing story! Parts of it are truly eerie and unsettling… it seems to tell of an off-world presence in possession of great knowledge, who were expecting contact from their home-world, but never heard from home again. They were simply abandoned here, without ever knowing why, and eventually they either died out completely, or some of them adapted to this world and live in small, isolated groups whose existence our society and science deny.

  8. The face they portray as the living star child to me doesnt look correct. It looks to human with the flesh on it,,the sculls are very different the faces should be very different,,and at a glance i would think the version they are giving us i would just think it was an asian kid. No i think it would be very ugly perhaps scary looking as the scull is scary looking.


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