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  1. My point is this. All these women saying 'me too'. So where are the men saying 'me too' i.e I am a rapist or sexual predator? Because men are not allowed to be honest in our society. If they were allowed to be honest about the way they really feel about women and express their violent fantasies openly, there might be far less hysteria from women and more acceptance that sexual violence is an aspect of human nature. Oh my God I have been really un p.c. but I do not give a toss

  2. They are censoring everywhere. More and more truth channels. ..including some of my fave subscriptions on Youtube, are being yanked under the guise of 'Violating YouTube community guidelines" Especially ones that have to do with Reps and people uploading shapeshifting footage. If they are tightening the thumb screws like this it can only mean one thing… they are getting panicked!

  3. David summed it up nicely. Stop being intimidated and grow a pair. Don't try to confront them and "debate" them with "facts and arguments". They don't care about them. Confront them with strength. Speak your mind. And don't FUCKING apologize.

  4. It's not feminism when femen tell muslim woman to unveil it's not feminism when patricia kaas of france says 2 of 3 men are rapist it's neo-feminism and its wrong

  5. Now Oxfam have been the subject of pc brigade smoke and mirrors with attention diverted away from the real scum at the party through the right wing bank rolled media.

  6. I had my awakening (if you want to call it) when I was born! An empath, telepath was a struggle. I am sure their are a few of us around but I was TOLD to be quiet (mum) and keep it to myself. Thank you for doing this, my family even tho' it runs in the family keeps quiet. I've never danced to their tune in my own way. I'll send you my story when I finish it next year, also doing another load of research so it goes slow. Fed up with Soros and his organisation but maybe we will get through it all. Sending my regards to you all.


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