David Icke and Peggy Kane say not to be concerned about (reptilians) … If you know very little about them, start by watching the video Reptilian…



  1. I thought reptilian parasites were an exaggeration, no they are fucken real!!!! An there EXACTLY as David Icke describes!!! I Awakened last summer and lately as third eye is opening see what's been here the whole fucken time!!!!

  2. i havent denied anything, a very young age ive been cognitive to this matrix as well as abilities which are supressed on this plane …what i dont grasp is how david icke has remained alive long as he has without any of these elites/reptilians trying to silence him … just a thought…🤔🤔

  3. Don't believe David Icke He is leading people astray there is no reptilian race what kind of Fairytales he spewing there is only a human race and Spiritual entities period!! No reptilian no aliens no big foot, and if people did see something than its surely the Demons

  4. The first three pages of this book are a game changer, because they are true. The problem is, most people cannot see the truth of life. Are you 1 of the 1st that does? For the 1st time in history the ultimate truth of life has been revealed, it contains the most accurate explanation of the big picture of life in every facet. Google TruthContest click on the earth icon and read the Present

  5. How come nobody rips their face off like the lady did in the movie clip….they say Obama is a reptile, well rip off his face and seeAnd the news reporter rip her face off and see.

  6. Its now clearer that in religion in my religion (islam) our prophet must of got revelation from the annunaki. But not in bad light as david icke thinks. Because the Big G Gods makes existence occur. Now those super human annunake are in another dimension. And the royal bloodline and elite who worship the Devil

  7. 6:10 – This is called pixelation of a television image. The digital image has been corrupted by wither a satellite signal issue or a cable signal issue causing this effect on screen. How can anyone be stupid to think this is "reptilian".

  8. If you see this, David I'd love to hear what you think. Do you think the Vrill Lizards based under the earth and dumbs bases all over the world, as disclosed by Donald Marshall amoung others, are different from the shapeshifiting lizard humans, which I believe I have seen.
    Marshall states vrill cannot live above the ground unless they take over a human by piercing the eye and 'stealing' the body. Which them the person is called a drone, which he states that Michael Jackson was amoung others. I am in belief there are many different lizard types and other aliens, which are not lizards amoung us and waiting to intervene with the earth. Thank you, I read and understand your work

  9. Jesus….get to the fucking point already! I didn't come here for the music. Too much unnecessary bulker and not enough getting on with it. Who the hell put this vid together? Some high school art student? It's awful.

  10. Reptilians treat humans like humans treat animals. There are humans that think they are better than animals; there are reptilians that think they are better than humans. There are humans that are really cruel to animals; there are reptilians that are really cruel to humans. There are humans that are mildly benevolent to animals, but still eat them; there are reptilians that are mildly benevolent to humans, but still eat them. Finally, there are humans that are very benevolent to animals, and don't eat them; there are reptilians that are very benevolent to humans, and they don't eat them.
    People need to know that not all reptilians are malevolent and that there are benevolent ones that love us. Just like the human race, every race has a good and a bad 🙂

  11. I am a Pleiadian! A NORDIC! We are NOT on the menu! The worst beast alive is that Reptilian Heinz 'Henry' Alfred Kissinger! LISTEN to how he talks with that growling low frequency voice! He is most definite a true enemy of your civilisation! I would much rather make love to a true pure bread Reptiilian man than that disgusting beast Kissinger (though of course I still won't have sex with reptilians as they are hostile cannibals)! As I said… we Nordics are NOT on the menu!

  12. There's more "evidence" for bigfoot than this. I just can't believe this until there's sufficient evidence for it. Same with the god of the Bible.

  13. All these videos are made so believable. Like it must be true. I don't deny anything but then again.. some videos on youtube and interviews etc. isn't enough. Why is there not any GREAT evidence about secrets that lies these days everywhere. I think believing in these kinds of things are one way to escape the reality. It's exciting to believe and "learn" about this greedy human kind but also depressing. I have lost my interest in many things that I used to like.. Ordinary things..

  14. They seem like a Type 1 civilisation, means they can control the energy/fuel of the planet. Thats the Nikola Tesla link – Vibrational frequencies, Sonic-beam energy , free energy from the earths own ionosphere and magnetism – and WE seem to almost be ascending to this point of technological level aswell! Right now.

    The Lunar-beings, however, are likely Type 2 based on the evidence of their interaction. They phase in and out of existance with their ships (UFOs). They live on moons around perhaps every living planet, Phobos, Luna and the latest images from Pluto show them there too! They control the energy/fuel of the Sol-system – they dont even need to eat food or drink water and they can move their planet/moon under their own technology.

  15. part 2: The police, the government, the rich etc, have given themselves over to a war like race and the combination of the armies of reptilians have combined with them and they are getting stronger and larger. They use telepathy of what you call it, to control but it is only because they/rich etc. want to. We cannot do it on force, the hybrid/you call human, must voluntary give yourself over to them. The following the use of us is referring to what I have done. Our purpose was to live amongst you in harmony however, certain other races started to interfere. and therefore became a war a grab upon certain races including the hybrid/human. It was not our intention to be so open but eventually all things must come to an end. The bombs, and close to annihilation we had to stop this as this was our planet before you were created. It's our planet as much as you are. I have given you quite a fair bit to chew over but I leave these words to you to think on,' the first shall be last, and the last shall be first'. We all who have been down trodden with so much cruelty, we will have our day. Namaste

  16. I will share with you in 2 parts: in 1986 after 6 months of sleep deprivation. constant hosing down of cold water to bathe, food that consisted of water, cereals, potatoes, constant psychological etc  gruelly, and then a lie detector, no one even till this day will tell me I lied about what I am to tell you, ' I came face to face and touch to touch of a reptilian being. There are some that are very scared to buck their system of control but they are trying to inform us of real dangers. Soldiers must obey the generals orders but some will want to go AWOL They have always said, 'it's payback upon those, who have wronged them and done wrong to others, the elite and rich think they have it over us, think again, we are not stupid.' We trusted you with certain technology to help everyone but you have squandered used against them to bring them into slavery, we don't like that.' Now there are the others. see part 2.

  17. Yeah man. well said! There's a big tapeworm like a serpent, inside the big beer bellies. Dictating filth, sloth, parasiticm,
    Women who have been pregnant before know their unborn babies dictate their actions. So they know and are confirmed that the tape worm takes over the beer bellied whims..of men…n women….


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