Four of the seven “Hermetic Principles” that define the natural laws of the universe are intimately connected to the mirrors process, they are the Principle of Correspondence, of Polarity,…



  1. The problem with Religion is that The Holy Bible (Bubble of electromagnetic field) and other Teachings have NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY. Its about Astronomy (which archaeologists are un-digging on every ancient site that they find) and the correspondence of it in the Human body (Chakras). Or in other words ASTROLOGY OR ASTROBIOLOGY. Thats why the Unholy Church started the Crusade against this knowledge to cover it all up so they can control the body and mind of people. When a baby is coming out of its mothers womb (and electromagnetic field) – the Planets and Stars which are in the night sky at present are encapsulating (stamping) their energies and positions onto the magnetic field of the child. Also remedies and countless readings which effect the Earth as a Whole Consciousness. The church has always denied Astrology and most people thought so, but they havent made their Birth Map yet. The Holy Bible is saying how to clean your (electromagnetic bubble – storage of Cause and Effect) field and thus your body of pain. THE MOST IMPORTANT REMEDY IS FASTING – 3 days nothing and 30 days only water. Your Body and Soul will be reborn !!! Thank you and start fasting :))

  2. Wasnt bad until the end… Most new age teachers also promote action. I'm not sure what he's talking about there. Also, giving your energy to negativity does compound the problem. And focusing on the change you wish to see doesnt preclude taking action. Lol

  3. Ahhh… so it is you! Damn. I was hoping you were just some random guy in his mom's basement posting a fairly engaging speaker. I'm amazed by your apparent understanding but more so by the apparent disconnect between your intelligence and your ego. I'm glad you get it on these basic levels. You speak well… when you're not randomly attacking folks for no reason. It's just the irony really. I'm sorry. I'll hush now.

  4. like most things on YouTube, it's all sophistry. the kybalion is a method of manipulation, or a "mentalistic" approach to gaining control over others, as it literally says this in the text. Doesn't matter who uses it or what their intentions are, doesn't matter what it's original intentions were or who came up with it (which you can't know, because you weren't there at it's inception and everything you think you know is something you believe written by someone else, doesn't matter if it's a book or the internet, the truth is filtered out and made murkey by interpretations). These methods have been co-opted by tyrants, such as: the Bolsheviks, the elder teachers of zion, the father's of modern psychology, religious zealots, and any other fanatics who espouse ideological dogma in order to trick the multitude into following and doing what the manipulator wills as opposed to letting the Individual doing what they want. And frankly, I believe the kybalion is a trick to make you think you can control things you can not control, or to attempt to control things only to get caught up losing ones sense of self control. No one in the current consciousness can master it to make the world a better place, because we don't even know what the word consciousness is, based on the fact that we are having to explain this very word, consciousness, thru other's mechanisms of Interpretation, as opposed to observing it through our experiences, if this weren't the case then someone would have already used the kybalion to change the consciousness to your liking, but they haven't, otherwise you wouldn't be watching this video and desperately seeking an answer that can't be found, it's an illusion, much the same as is the certainty most people have with supposedly knowing the kybalion is associated with this or that culture, for this or that intended purpose, because that to me is the trick, to give you convictions, as there's no more easily manipulated person that you can use these techniques on to be followers instead of leaders, than those who have convictions, and even the text says: if your looking for explanations summed up in words words words, you will never find anything other than perversions in it's teachings, because words are just interpretations of feelings, defined by a select few, and accepted by the multitude who are according to the kybalion: " babes that drink milk, and not the chosen few who should be fed strong meat", but if your looking for a template or some kind of certainty in regards to the text or your interpretations of it, you will never find it because it even says that can't be done. but then again this is just an Interpretation, so go do what thy wilt, lol.

  5. who thought God into creation? or who thought the creation of everything? and our universe is not a hologram. If i smacked you in the head with a fry pan, a hologram of it would not hurt, I'll put my money on it;s gonna hurt. omg idiots.

  6. Newtonian gate keeper in true form.

    Outer space is fake, so is the atomic space. The Hermetic Principals are truth…the enviornment we are indoctrinated with is a lie. Earth is the center of this reality. It's flat, stationery and created.

  7. Kudos Mark !! Kudos… ''None of these communities are talking about Morality'' … so profoundly important. That entire line of logic and principle he extolls on regarding replacing the poisoned ideologies in order to build the new world… fire! Truth. Light. Transparency.

    ''…youre re-arranging the deck furniture on the Titanic as she sinks…''

    Yes. Agreed. Well said.

  8. '' WHY .. is the source of the only true power … in Cause-and-Effect … ''

    The biggest take-away for me in this presentation.. we can ASK the field .. (!!!) .. for answers to ALL & ANY questions .. its written into the infinite and ever-lasting universal 'LAWS' of the observor/creator perception/projection experience…

  9. If it's so hidden it wouldn't be all over the INTERNET, He's not a de occultist….. He's doing a service of explanation & teaching, just like anybody else putting this information out there, those that want to seek the divine or higher self or anything of Mystical teaching's you will be lead to it, one way or another!!!👁👌🌹🙏📐👏

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  11. Thank you for keeping it real about Chem, Kemit, the land of the blacks🔥💕 love this lecture and your expert explanation of the subject matter. 🙌🏽

  12. This is basically the same stuff I've learned from my ojibwe elders through ceremonies and everyday life. Was told that we are not seeking knowledge but truth and truth is in everything that was created all at once and time is relevant to every experience.


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