What was really seen on that night in October 1967? Could it have been of alien origin? Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Conspiracies! – http://bit.ly/1dmVsvF A massive thank you to our…



  1. Not a ufo person at all really. But having met many Canadians – not only really nice people but no bullshit people as well- this episode has always fascinated me.

  2. In my opinion, the theory that UFOs come from other planets is wrong. Many investigators, such as Jan Pajak, seem to confirm the existence of UFOs within the Earth. The Nazi service of Hitler and Himmler knew exactly where the UFO came from. They sent numerous expeditions, including to Tibet, to gain knowledge of where the Agharta entrance may be. Hitler wanted to acquire the advanced technology of this ancient, hidden people. Instead of such a popular ETI we have Interterran – as Robin Cook called it in one of his novels "The Abduction", also described Edward Bulwer-Lytton in "The Coming Race". UFOs are most often seen just as they fly out of large water bodies (USO – Unknown Submarine Objects) or caves, which would seem to confirm the theory of Interterran. Another interesting theory is also the convergence of myths and legends of the so-called Aes sídhe, the elusive Small People of UFOs, who according to many ancient myths and legends are under the surface of the earth. Aes sídhe and UFOs combine looks, they are the essence of a child with very old faces and big black eyes (Ariel School UFO Sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe – September 1994). Another common feature of Aes sídhe and UFOs is the abduction of people, there have been many such cases. There are so many similarities. This is, of course, another theory, but in my opinion more likely than the origin of aliens from space. This underground civilization is technically advanced from ours, it is from there that their flying machines come to us, which we call UFOs. If they were Cosmic, then Their ships would not appear so often. It is logical that the place where they come from is not in the Cosmos, but somewhere near us. It is also clear that they protect the place where they come from. We know very little about the subterranean world, millions of years ago, and it is quite possible that the special services of many countries know about it and keep this knowledge secret from the public.

  3. I live here. I have never seen anything up close as in directly near me to confirm anything. But the things I have seen in the skies overhead here…..I have seen things move so fast in a back and forth DIAGONAL fashion in which I don't know anything we know of that can move that way. I would accept UFO from somewhere outside planet earth or the answer of possible government vehicles being used that we simply do not know of yet. Either way a star does not fly back and forth seeming to hesitate where it wants to go….and diagonal movements and switching between directions with effortless action or time…..I have seen that 3 times in my life so far here… I know it's not much of a story but if you were there to see it those times….it's insanely exciting and scary. Because you see it…and you just DON'T KNOW.


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