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  1. Love listening to this experience, I applaud you for being brave, and am happy you grow so much in this lifetime and thus help others to grow and heal as well. Cheers to you soul sista!

  2. Those bubbles the talks about at the end sound like the circles we draw when we draw sacred geometry and overlap two circles creating the seed of life an flower of life interlocking.. I don't know why but it just popped into my head..

  3. The burning body she describes sounds like microwaves that the military industrial complex use in their fake alien invasion an what they do to Mexican villages using energy directed weapons an microwaves an radiation weapons on these ppl with antigravity tech they copied from real alien tech

  4. I think I've had an alien contact I seen a ufo an have out of body experiences but believe my minds been wiped of memory's I've had lost time but I can't afford a hypnotist to do regression shame I couldn't get some help with it somehow.

  5. By now we know it's about demonic beings and when you get to know Jesus these demons will leave you alone because you can ask Him to rid them from you.

  6. If someone is still a skeptic after seeing this AMAZING interview, then I don't know what to say. SMH. Debbie is an awesome story teller and she's telling the TRUTH.

  7. I stumbled upon this story this morning and I was so glad I did. I read the book Intruders in the 90's , scared the crap out of me! I also had an experience back in 1994 west of Flagstaff between Mt Kendrick and the San Francisco Peaks, very similar, bright white lights, rustling and vibrations under my tent, bright white lights being shined on myself and my ex husband, among other things.(our encounter last for HOURS). the experience I had put me in touch with both Bud Hopkins and Whitley Strieber (mostly Bud Hopkins) via telephone, I never had the pleasure to meet either of them personally, however I spoke to Mr Hopkins and we tossed up the idea of either me going to New York, or him coming to Az to meet with me, I am regretful that I didn't take more initiative and actually go meet him.

  8. I beleive her!!,I have some of the same problems with paranormal or supernatural things happen.I see UFOs all my lifetime my last was in 2011 in Germany a sliver spear UFO over the Neckar River in Heilbronn we have 2 Nuke Reactors.I have seen over 35 UFO in my 54 years and was abducted in 1970 going to school

  9. flash thump ring boom, and then the oddly sulphuric smell of BS. Notice how she says in 1994 she pulled herself away from all this, before realising that this implies she is the one in control of these so called experiences, so she quickly adds that's when the paranormal experiences started to happen. Pffff

  10. Has anyone seen a UFO that is totally silent, cigar shaped, just hover literally 50ft off the ground just in front of you the at the end of the cigar shaped object closest to you have two balls with lights on them extend on I think two poles at looking at the back for a V shape but upside down so the two balls at a 90 degree angle to each other are just hanging there lights shone onto the ground then after I’m not sure about a minute of observation it just shot off so fast it pretty much vanished although you could just she a blur of its direction it went to which was just flat across the sky. It didn’t just go up it went across. This was witnessed by about another 7 of my friends. This happened when we where about 16-17 years old and nobodies wants to talk about it? I also when older and traveling down a B road at 5am ahead of me I saw a green luminous globe about the size of a large car but totally round, kept its constant green glow didn’t fluctuate in any way it went from the right side of the road ahead of me about 200-300 meters ahead go right to left then stop and shot up into the sky at about a 70-80 degree angle from the ground and as it passed three various cloud layers illuminated them as it passed so it couldn’t of been a trick of the light. These are my two 100% sightings I’ve had although I’ve had plenty with a mmmm maybe moment sightings also but these could of been explained. Just would be interested if anyone has had similar experiences.

  11. This is the only "contactee" story that I truly believe. She is very credible… Humble… Good sense of humor. Would like to share a beer with her on the back porch!

  12. Fascinating story. Full disclosure: I am a believer in the UFO phenomenon, I dont know if E.T.s are visiting us, or if they are our most bleeding edge experimental crafts. But I do know something is happening. I investigate the most valid claims, document, and compile them…simply because it fascinates me. With that being said, afew things pop out at me. 1) Her mother immediately calls her back and tells her to come home, but wont say what has happened, strange…but okay. We are never told why her mother called her back or if her mother saw something that spooked her, heard something, ect. Debbie just immediately jumps into action without asking her mom. 2) A young mother, her own mother, and two young children are in a house alone and suspect an intruder, they dont attempt to call the cops or make sure the children are safe before investigating? She just simply takes an empty shotgun and wades in? Just some observations you pick up after spending time trying to uncover truth…I dont know what happened, but somethings just seem strange about this.


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