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  1. Crazy baseless conspiracy theory: yeah, uh, I got nothing. The theories in the video kinda cover the bases. Maybe Kennedy hired Oswald himself for a really dramatic assisted suicide? I 'unno.

  2. The picture they used for Abraham is one of the pictures they use on almost if not every video. It gets me confused because I always think "Oh, wasn't this the guy on that other murder case?" ugh.

  3. Im a little bit confused you guys said the secret service never told anyone about the route the motorcade was taking and the FBI didnt even know….So how did all the people standing on the streets to see Kennedy know the route they were taking…or did i miss something

  4. the more i watch more does not make sence how could the bullet still be brand new looking and not smashed to bits hit 2 poeple and still in brand new shape idk but i do no what a bullet looks like nafter its shot and it does not look like the one there showing us

  5. jfk was killed by his own people he was about let usa no about ufo and all the good stuff we r not suspost to know about that they hide and if u thinks thats crazy do ur home work cause its all out there

  6. Whether he did or didn't, I feel the conspiracy theories continue so fervently because of how well-liked Kennedy was. He was this larger than life figure, cut down in his prime. Of course people want to believe there was a larger goal, we want to think he died larger than life as well. However, it should be remembered that of the three other presidents assassinated, two were lone gunmen related

  7. Got 2 mins in and turned it off due to pure ignorance of narrators. The president wanted an open top limo and a crazy route because during this rough patch in America during the 60s, PR was seriously important. Its not like today with a closed top and no PR.

    Multiple shooters? Single or multiple is irrelevant. The fact that Oswald worked for the govt and then the CIA is enough to say govt had a hand in it.

    Anyone know what happened to that 4 hr interview before Oswald was shot btw? Nope. Strange for homicide of a president and police officer. It is still missing to this day.

    Theories can linger all day about who, but it was definately covered up. Common sense.


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