Richard Dolan explains some of the high points of the on-going UFO cover-up, but it’s not your average lecture.



  1. yo Richard. think just maybe its the ALIENS 👽 that are the cause of the coverup and not the Governments? if aliens want to be known they would just land on the WhiteHouse lawn.

  2. Richard I respect and value your work, however I think you did a mistake by adding the editing effects, they are very distracting and actually diminishing not enhancing your presentation!

  3. I often wonder are we alone in the universe….and by alone I mean are we the only inhabitants of a planet that the rulers are covering up the existence of other beings.

  4. Why did you downplayDouglas Dietrich? He is a fire horse and you are a watered down tiger. Being a fire horse he can run rings around you…fire horses are feared for their higher intelleligents…your livelyhood is from ufos, isn't it?

  5. Ive lost all respect for Richard Dolan. He was on KGRA tonight saying "im not gonna be for or against trump because hes a wild card so im using a wait and see approach"-This is an outright LIE by RD because he was so far up trumps ass before the election and he despised Clinton. But now that trump is actually prez RD is backtracking because he knows what a lying conman trump is so now Dolan distances himself. What a bunch of hooie! You chose the winning horse RD so have the stones to own up to it now. Funny how you hated clinton but now cant own up to how much you were in love with trump during the election. Also-Dolan stated tonight that the russian media "RT" is the greatest news source in the world. Hes always expounging how great russia is just as trump also does. Something is going on that is pro russia and "hey-the U S sucks" and dolan is in the thick of it ALONG with his boy trump but RD is to much of a pussy to admit it now. Why dont tou MOVE to russia RD? Stick to ufo's. #Pathetic!

  6. Oh well so what. More stuff to worry about I suppose. But if they were really threatening they'd be down here with 1950s ray guns dematerialising us or landing mechanical spiders to harvest us because our planet is a meat farm. A more likely scenario is that the human race is still primitive and there are some supervisory forces out there trying to help us grow as a global community without the bigger idiots in government trying to blow us all up.

  7. To all governments, especially the US government. look you fucking retards. If you think you are smart by trying to pull the wool over our eyes about ufos and false flags, your not. your plan is backfiring and pretty soon your going to cause a revolution in which all of you deemed "in on murdering" , us citizens will be hunted down and thrown v in prison. WE are a smart people with dumb ideas. EVERYONE is waking up, more than half know your lies, and if you don't play your next card correctly you are not going to live much longer. ASSHOLES.

  8. Hi Richard, I'm X British military and a few years after I came out of the service I actually saw multiple vehicles/aircraft fly over my house. Cut a long story short, with me being into QM and particle physics etc..whatever these things were or whoever they belonged to(if piloted) have managed to cancel out inertia. Its as if there's two worlds living on the same planet, one group are miles ahead of the others who're by the looks of it paying for it. I've no problem with that as long as it eventually filters down to everyone who's paying for it. Now if they don't do that, it will split humanity in two.

  9. Scientist today have been pondering about multiverse. I have no proof I am just raising the possibility. Now just look around you do you really think we are alone in the universe? Do you think God would just create this universe for us only? Do you have any proof of that too?

  10. I'm wondering at what point do we get past the "are they or are they not real ?" stage of disclosure and start examining some of the more serious concerns we, and I suspect these alien species, have with whats been shaping up on Terra Firma the last century or so. Our nuclear arsenals seem to be of particular interest to these "intelligent" species and I don't think its because they plan on re engineering our clumsy technology to their own ends. Governments have positioned our planet for a nightmare scenario to rival any in our long, blood soaked history and, for some strange reason, we've accepted the notion that we'll never use them, although our historical narrative tells us otherwise. Unlike most conflicts where humans experience an adjustment,reflection period between blood baths, there is no learning period in a nuclear exchange and I believe any intelligent species would view this state of denial with great concern.
    In any event, if aliens can't succeed in helping humanity outlive its suicidal tendencies, they'll be able to record that it wasn't for lack of trying…..

  11. lol more like "How many video editing techniques can we cram into Ten Minutes" – sheesh!

    – When communicating 'factual' informations it's generally a good idea to not have the pictures framing be constantly distracting from the picture being painted itself.
    Just a thought. 🙂

  12. That would be great! Better that "fallen Angels" since you had no biblical argument and to reply me with jokes, so deserve joke to be replied with. They are not fallen angles for sure, as well as the others that have appeared on my pictures. And for a religion person like you to tell me to taste LSD it seems that you are the one on it. How do you like it?


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