THIS UFOs FLY OUR SKIES EVERY DAY. HAVE YOU SEEN ONE? CARLOS CLEMENTE’S BEST UFO VIDEOS on YouTube channel Carlos Clemente has authorized me to share some incredibl…



  1. I have partnered with CARLOS CLEMENTE from MEXICO CITY to bring you the best UFO footage from MEXICO and the world. I hope you all back me up and support his channel as well. We're all in this together. Thanks

  2. Every day people see these things. That "cigar-shape" with the more needle-like nose is very much like what I saw for the first time, 50 years ago. It was traveling at least 10 times faster than the usual passenger jet, which is why I noticed it out of the corner of my eye. The latest was more like an upside-down coffee cup on a saucer, fairly small like a small car, and it was just hovering, nearby. Nice video Mauricio, thanks!

  3. Great Mauricio! So many sightings over Mexico over the years. My boyfriend is from Mexico, so I'll get him to translate (I'm a bit slow to learn Spanish…lol)…thanks again for all you're doing for the UFO community

  4. Still having problems with my laptop. Ran all of the diagnostics and then did a Recovery to a week ago before the sudden crashing started. Still having problems though, so I may not be able to post as much as previously until I get the problem fixed.

    Anyway, there's a lot of interesting video in this upload and I was impressed by the one at time 1:55 showing the cylindrical ET UFO flying through the sky. However, although there are genuine ET mothership videos out there, most of them are hoaxes using long tubular balloons. There is something called a "Solar Tube Balloon" that is being used. The black plastic skin absorbs the sunlight and warms the air inside of the balloon. As the warm expands, it inflates the balloon and it will rise into the sky while a hoaxer waits to video it. Here's an image of one on these balloons:×800-data/productos/ballona.jpg

  5. I've seen several of the cigar shaped ships just like the white glowing one you showed here. There's a lot more activity in the skies in mexico and people are ready to get video. Thanks for CARLOS CLEMENTE's videos. I just checked his site out to see more.

  6. Mexico have some absolutely jaw dropping ufos . i have seen footage of orbs releasing orbs, light ships.. Flotillas, discs and even cubes coming from mexico thanks to jiame mussan.. I wonder why mexico has the most clear and stunning sightings ever!

  7. I saw my first ufo back in 1995 Mauricio which was a bright orb even the police were called out to it and was witnessed flying off to bonnybridge in central scotland.. Then i saw black triangle on another occasion.. It really sparked my awakening.. Now i can talk about other dimensions etc.. Its like i received a GRADUAL download.. I had no interest in ufololgy and now it consumes me.. These visitors can cone into our consciousness… That my friends is completely different anything we understand.. I think they MUST come from another dimension.. But we cannot physically see them unless they can fully alter their vibration into our universe.. We can only see a tint part of the visual spectrum so we must either be very lucky to see them at all or they want us to..


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