1. Randolph Scott was one of Hollywood's Greatest Actors and a real southern gentleman. His final performance in "Ride The High Country" with another Hollywood great Joel McCrea stands as the one of the best Westerns ever made. When he saw the finished film, Scott was reported to say he wanted to quit while he was ahead and that he would never be able to better his work here. Jerry, your Video Biographies are always excellent, well-researched, well-written, and class all the way.

  2. He might have made a great Ashley Wilkes in 'Gone With the Wind'…he would have had the right accent! As good as Leslie Howard was, he sounded a tad too British. Randolph Scott was, just like the character Ashley Wilkes in GWTW, the real deal…an authentic Southern gentleman. RIP, Mr. Scott.

  3. Jerry put a commercial in your videos you deserve to make money from your respectful and well researched videos, i cant afford to support you on patron but i can sit though a commercial if it helps pay for your work

  4. Enjoy your bio of Hollywood’s great stars. Randolph Scott one of my all time favorites. Your easy delivery style I find particularly pleasant.
    Joel McRae another favorite of mine.

  5. The movies he did just prior to his retirement were hard hitting and very gritty films. My favourite was 7 Men From Now with the wonderful Lee Marvin. The final gunfight they had at the end of the movie was classic stuff.

  6. Thank you for this, I grew up watching them, and most of the others on your channel, specially on Saturday morning, I had a pair of six guns, cowboy clothes, my Grand Father took a saw horse that looked like one, funny how I use lay it down shooting with them in gun battles, just old good memories, again thank you


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