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  1. I mean, technically with the last story, anything he didn't recognize would be a UFO because UFO just stands for "Unidentified Flying Object" so really, anything can be a UFO if you're bad enough at identifying things

  2. I also wonder if aliens think WE are the aliens??? Or if their technology is more advanced then ours and we can one day all get together! Cause of Space is infinite, there HAS to be another living organism we don’t know about like earth, right?

  3. Wanna know why Aliens abduct Cows more than Humans? The cows switched Abductor with Abactor which means Cattle Thief, because they realized every time they got abducted they'd start having more body parts that were helpful, which is why they have multiple stomachs and large hearts.

  4. They were all probably Tripping on LSD Travis Freaked out and ran off into the Woods maybe they thought he was dead after he did not reappear so fearing they would be blamed…UFO Conjecture…Then again 70s Blotter Acid was a hell of a thing sort of explains the Porcelain Skin

  5. I'm watching this because two days ago my mother and I were walking our dog at night and there was an airplane passing by and near it I saw a purple light and it would disappear and appear seconds after REALLY far away from where we last saw the light and the airplane was still passing so it wasn't moving at an airplane kind of speed the amount of time the light was visible was also very inconsistent to be the light of an aircraft the purple light was bright and big too

  6. Well, polygraphs can tell if you're lying based on the incline in heart rate, right? Well, maybe Travis was told to be lying when he went on a polygraph in the show because he was nervous because people might not believe him or talking/thinking about that situation would give him anxiety

  7. I don't understand how people think we're the only??only?? Beings in this galaxy or Universe filled with BILLIONS of galaxies..That seems incredibly arrogant and ignorant.


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