Timothy Alberino Interview April 2018 – Human Genome Is Polluted #EVERYSTEVEQUAYLE #STEVEQUAYLE2018 #STEVEQUAYLE #TOMHORN2018 #EVERYTOMHORN Please HelpUs Reach 1000 subscribers: https://goo.gl/…



  1. We should pay close attention to the so called enhancements. In the near future. This is totally against who and what God has made us. This is saying that what God has created in us is not enough. Man is so arrogant to think he can improve on what God has done. Remember we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

  2. Surely Heavenly Father will not damn us for these nanobots that are uploading into us NOW…AGAINST OUR CONSENT. Everything biological has them now, thanks to chemtrails.

  3. Puts a different spin on, if He hadn't cut those days short, there would be no flesh left. I used to think it meant death from war, disease…but it probably means ALSO, ppl WILLINGLY trading in their flesh for robotic arms etc.

  4. God breathed into the body and it became a living soul….the soul is the combination of spirit and body and it can die…the soul that sinneth, it shall die….We are a soul, we don't have a separate soul. Will your soul go to heaven? No it goes to the grave, such is the curse of Adam for original sin. <3

  5. Here we go, kids. Keep yourselves pure, uncorrupted, holy. Our Lord Jesus is on His way back to Earth, as promised, to take us, His children, home. Blessed be God Almighty forever.

  6. Jesus Christ will bring this world to an end, and then into spiritual bodies, it grieved GOD he made us flesh, ♥️♥️ it’s not that far down the road, go to Shepherds,Chapel on Rev, 13 On the New World Order or Rev, 18 On the Jezebel spirit, best bible Studies in the universe, I have studied 29 years.,,.


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