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  1. I don't watch anymore Hollywood moves, the satanic pedophiles owners of this move industry did not expected this kine of exposure, so i'm surely confident, that some of them all ready secretly hiding to escape the consequences is slowly leading toward them. Zionism is going be the most punishable for manipulating international society.

  2. The ' Casting Couch." phenomenon has been known about since the 1920' s It may not be right but has continued even today into the 21st. century. What Im suggesting is that many, many young aspiring women actors know about it and go along with it in order to try and get a plum role in a movie. . But its only when the women who also gave their bodies willingly and as a result became rich and famous do they, for the publicity they will receive, join the rest of their less famous harpy publicity seeking bitter females who didn't get what they wanted by opening her legs, and so bleated about it to the media, claim they were also raped or sexually assaulted. . (Lying hypocrites ) David Ike is as usual cashing in on it all by exaggerating the whole scene. Bringing in satanism ( Give me a break ) and peodophillia? Peodophillia is not about shagging a worldly wise 16 year old actress who's willing to give sex for favours. Peodophillia is about sexually abusing real kids. Kids from about 14yrs and under. And how many of those are wandering around Tinsel Town ?

  3. I was right along with you until you mentioned project Veritas who are complete fucking fakes. They’ve been exposed on a number of occasions So I find that too much of an irony.

  4. good video will u go over what robert downy jr said about the pedopjilia and the women madam who in charge of all the worse most disgusting things child trafficking and general sex trafficking so on…

  5. Notice we're hearing nothing about this anymore. They put the lid on that real quick. I also wish people would point out Satanism, like every other religion, has benign branches as well as malignant ones. They dont all rape and kill, in fact, it's actually the minority who does. Mainly Theistic Luciferians.

  6. To the few, to businessmen, to the conmen, to the doctors playing roles as real doctors, it was all but just a game to them. But to those… to those many in number, it was more than just a game. It was a game of life and death. -b4technicolor

  7. Anyone with half a brain (who has been schooled in life by their parents) knows that showbusiness is degenerate. But not only showbusiness; any situation where demand for a job vastly exceeds supply will be subject to the exploitative market.

    Where there are unbelievable financial rewards, and thousands of applicants (who hope to be the one person plucked from oblivion) – the powerful and the rich will always exploit the weak and desperate.

    Go back to the music hall of the 1840s – and the casting couch was alive and well.
    You can bet your life on it.

  8. Thank you for being so factual and truthful David.  Why can't we live without movies?  We can.  We can find so many other productive things to do with our time.  Read, learn, concentrate on ourselves…not swallow the mental and emotional rubbish that they usually peddle…for every 1 good movie I find, there are 100 that are pure brain-washing inane trash.  Why?  Because the movies made by directors and producers now a days reflects these people's way of living; their soul, if they have any…and so…that is what they peddle to the masses.  Filth.

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