Top 10 Most Legitimate UFO Sightings of all Time Subscribe Do aliens exist? Are UFO’s real? The debate will rage on until we have proof, but these close encounters will…



  1. The Phoenix lights were f16 practice flares, they were fired off far behind the mountains, that's why they dissapeared one after the other and that's also why it looked like they turned around

  2. In year 2142 we develop time travel and per regulations a individual is only allowed to witness the event. The vehicles used are a combination of gravitational and particle propulsion meaning the vehicles are encapsulated in a gravitational bubble and propelled using particle propulsion. Also, buoyancy aircrafts are used for large tours that are only scenic in nature, so no major events. We find that time is malleable by manipulating gravity with the use of dark energy/antimatter, which we are able to mine from our twin universe. O year we found

  3. So apparently alien sighting mostly appear in the U.S.
    Do aliens like the U.S., want to become U.S. citizens, want to bond.
    Where is Africa, Russia, Europe, Asia ,Canada those are vast territorial land for UFO to be unnoticed

  4. Its mad that UFOs are officially real now. That in itself opens up loads of questions on previous events let alone the fact there are craft in our skies we don't have a clue who they belong to.

  5. I appreciate the effort Watchmojo does with its videos but nearly all of the mentioned sightings are years old and to be honest it is slowly but sure very tiring to watch the same stuff over and over again. Ok,smartbeans would suggest "then don´t watch it" but it is hard to do so because like i was saying the same clips come over and over again.


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