TOP 5 Most CREDIBLE MASS UFO Sightings Ever

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TOP 5 Most Credible Mass UFO Sightings Ever

Every year thousands of people from all around the world report seeing UFO’s, but yet they still remain a complete mystery as to what they are.

If only one person reports seeing a UFO, it can easily be dismissed. But when multiple people report on experiencing the same thing at the same time, then the validity of their claims is hard to deny.
The next 5 UFO sighting are truly fascinating because there is no doubt that they occurred. Here are the top 5 most credible Mass UFO Sightings Ever.

5. Battle of Los Angeles

It was early morning on February 25, 1942. Three months had passed after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, bringing the United States into the fray of World War II. Everyone was on alert and on edge.

Out of nowhere air raid sirens began to sound, something had been spotted in the dark sky. A total blackout was ordered over the city as the early morning skies filled up with beaming searchlights. Anti-aircraft guns started firing at something and didn’t stop until 4 AM. By the end of it all 1,400 shells had been fired, the blackout finally lifted and Los Anglos was declared safe again by 7:21AM.

4. NASA cuts live feed

Thanks to NASA, anyone on the Internet can tune in and watch the International Space Station anytime they want to. But sometimes if something appears they don’t want the public to see, the feed can mysteriously be cut.

3. Belgium UFO Wave

One of the most intense mass UFO sightings happened in Belgium during the time between November 29, 1989 and March 1990.. Dubbed as the Belgium UFO Wave, the sightings were recorded by no less than 30 different groups of witnesses, 3 of which were groups of police officers.

2. V SHAPED LIGHTS In the Hudson Valley

Just an hour’s drive from New York City, Hudson Valley became a hotspot of UFO activity that spanned several years. It started in 1981, when a retired policeman was looking up at the night sky. He saw several bright coming from the south and heading toward him, which at first he thought were planes. But the light formation on them was unlike any aircraft he had seen, and even though they were flying low they made absolutely no sound. With his eyes trailed on the green and red lights, he noticed there appeared to be some sort of fuselage connecting them.

1. The Phoenix Lights

On the night of March 13, 1997, Phoenix residents were perplexed when they saw bright reddish/orange lights moving across the night sky. Also referred to as the Phoenix Lights, these could be seen as far away as Sonora, Mexico.
The first known report was by a man who said he saw a V-shaped object floating in the sky. He described it as being the “size of a 747” and sounding like “rushing wind.” It had six lights and was moving northwest to southeast.

So there were TOP 5 Most Credible Mass UFO Sightings Ever


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